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Flip-flopping exposed.

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Alleged TSA Groper’s Curious Hero Status

The woman who allegedly groped a female TSA agent is being hailed a hero by frustrated airline customers who believe she did what she’s accused of doing. The incident happened last Thursday at Phoenix International Airport, according to police. They say a woman resisted going through airport screening and argued...
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Obama Criticized for Delay in Bin Laden Decision

A website with the tagline, “A Free Press for the Conservative Revolution,” which is an obvious way of stating right up front that it is biased, is criticizing President Obama for delaying the decision on the raid of Osama Bin Laden’s compound. The Patriot Update reports that Obama kept military commanders...
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It’s Just a Cookie!

If you buy groceries, after you’ve paid for them, is it the store’s business how you use those groceries? If you buy a painting, would you allow the artist to dictate in which room you could or couldn’t hang it, or to whom you could give it as a gift?...
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A Challenge to Republicans (and Democrats)

Many Republican politicians and their followers have raised a major stink about a controversial House procedure that had been considered to pass the Senate’s health care bill. In essence, the “Deem and Pass” procedure, also known as the “Self-Executing Rule,” first used to raise the national debt ceiling in 1933,...
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The Ad Behind the Furor

When CBS accepted an ad from the conservative group Focus on the Family, then rejected an ad for a gay dating site, a lot of liberals complained about double standards. The Focus on the Family spot, an “advocacy ad,” was designed to promote an anti-abortion message. The other ad was not...
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Atheists Refuse to Give Stamp of Approval

A battle began brewing shortly after the U.S. Postal Service announced the new stamps it was planning for 2010. One of the stamps features Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which seems to have no desire to offer the rest of us freedom from their view of...
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Thick Hypocrisy

You’ve probably heard by now that a commercial scheduled to air during CBS’s coverage of the Super Bowl is coming under fire. In that ad, paid for by Focus on the Family, Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow appears with his mother in a “pro-life” message. When Tebow’s mother was pregnant with...
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Prejean: Media Attacks Conservative Women

Appearing Tuesday morning on NBC’s Today show, former Miss California Carrie Prejean told Meredith Vieira that the liberal media attacks conservative women. Prejean said she has been the target of attacks for the past seven months, since answering a question about same-sex marriage in the wake of Vermont legalizing it....
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Good Without?

A million New Yorkers consider themselves to be good without God’s presence in their lives.  In fact, they doubt, to one degree or another, that God even exists.  They’re taking the “Good without God” message to subway stations in the city. They want people to know that humanists, agnostics and...
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Poor Sportsmanship

I’m appalled that there are actually politicians and political activists who are celebrating that a major American city lost out on the chance to host the Olympics just because President Obama made an attempt to campaign for Chicago. The state of Illinois, one of 50 states in a country facing...
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Fear of What?

Conservative parents’ opposition to President Obama’s plan to address the nation’s school children leave two critical unanswered questions.
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Sanford: ‘I’m Truly Done’

The embarrassing meltdown of a politician who made a name for himself for his frugality and high moral standards continues. An Associated Press investigation has revealed that since he took office six years ago, he has taken trips on state planes to locations of his children’s sporting events, hair and...
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Double Booking

This week’s Monday’s Morals question asked about a scenario I found myself in several years ago.  I was essentially accused of “double booking” with two of my friends. (Here’s the question, and if you’d like to play, it’s never too late...just click that link and leave your answer!) “Friend A”...
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