There may be a valid reason why you’d want to reach out to me other than by leaving a comment on a specific post, and I’m happy to offer you a comment form that makes doing that easy.

I’m happy to read your suggestions for improvements or even post ideas.

But before you fill out the form, let me try to save you a little time:

I am not accepting solicitations from writers looking to have a guest post published at this time.

This blog is a little different than most, especially because it has my name in the title. The rare times I’ve actually posted a guest post — which is something like twice in eight years — have been because I sought them out from people who I wanted my readers to hear from.

I am not accepting solicitations from companies wanting me to publish their infographics or links to their resources.

I don’t publish such content unless I find it in researching my own posts, and then it’s out of courtesy, not through some “business relationship.”

I do not accept solicitations from businesses that promise to boost my web traffic or marketing.

When I work with businesses that offer that type of services, I seek them out and prefer working with people I can meet face to face, not through email only.

I do not do link advertising or paid posts.

At some point, advertising may be an option. At the moment, it isn’t, at least not in the form that most people who’d use the contact form would want.

If you contact me about any of these issues, you should know that I’ll consider your message to be spam.


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    I reserve the right to publish excerpts of emails on the blog where appropriate. If you request it, I will keep your comments anonymous where possible.