After Flooding, A Charleston Church Returns to Its Roots


Last Updated on October 20, 2015

A week ago last week, I told you about a Charleston church, the church I’d called my church since shortly after I moved to Charleston, being flooded by a torrential downpour that brought (yet again) national attention to South Carolina.

This week, for the first time since that photo of three feet of standing water inside the church was taken, the church met again.

Not in that building, however.

Through a strange twist, the church met where it began in the late 1990s: a movie theater!

When the church started, it had no physical building, which meant it had to secure a regular meeting place for its Sunday morning services. A local movie theater became its original location. Over the years, the church moved into a vacant spot in a strip mall where it could have a more “permanent”&nbsp setting, then eventually moved into its current (though waterlogged) location a few miles away.

Over time, the original movie theater in which the church met in its earliest days was demolished and replaced with a larger IMAX theater with stadium seating.

And after last week’s flooding, the theater offered the church a temporary place to meet again.

Back to its roots.

Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes?

I had attended a few other churches over the past year or so, for reasons that aren’t worth going into at this point. But I was sure to be back when the church made its comeback in that theater.

The lead pastor, a friend of mine, said it best: “We may have lost our building, but we did not lose our church.”

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