Biblical Numerologists Point to Saturday as Start of ‘End of the World’

The end-times are coming and apparently faster than we thought: numerologists say they’ve figured out the end of the world begins on Sept. 23.

How many items are left on your bucket list? Just in case, before the next predicted end of the world comes, maybe you should consider fulfilling everything that’s left within the next 48 hours or so.

That’s because if a handful of Biblical numerologists, this Saturday — Sept. 23, 2017 — may be it. Or at least the beginning of the end.

That’s all, folks.
That’s all she wrote.
The end.

If this latest prediction performs as well as every single one that has preceded it, we’ll all wake up Sunday morning and roll our eyes at those doomsday enthusiasts.

But they are taking it pretty seriously…at least until they’re proven wrong.

A Christian numerologist says Luke 21:25-26 is the evidence that points to recent events like last month’s solar eclipse and Hurricane Harvey as signs of the apocalypse.

But why Saturday specifically?

Well, if you consider the fact that Jesus Christ lived to be 33 years old before He was crucified, then you take the date of the solar eclipse — August 21 — and add 33 days to it, you come to Sept. 23. Why they didn’t add 33 days to the date Hurricane Harvey made landfall is beyond me. It would surely be just as scientific, I’m sure.

The Washington Post explains that the numerologist actually isn’t saying Saturday will be the last day of everything, but rather the date on which the last days of everything start coming as a series of earth-shattering (see what I did there?) events begin happening.

Since we’re in the peak of hurricane season, I’m sure hurricanes will conveniently be pulled into his justification for this end-times notion.

These people always crack me up: they claim to be Biblical scholars, yet they always seem to miss that one key verse, Matthew 24:36:

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

This is just a guess, and I suppose we won’t know who’s right until Sunday, but I’ll go ahead and put it out there anyway: I don’t happen to believe trying to outsmart God works.


But maybe that’s just me.

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