Church Apologizes After Bizarre Easter Lesson

A church in Ohio apologized for an ‘inappropriate’ Easter lesson to the church’s youth group during an after-school activity.

The Easter lesson in question, from what I can tell, was designed to demonstrate the indignities Jesus Christ suffered as he carried his cross.

I suppose I can kind of understand the point.

But when a pastor challenged a group of middle and high school students to slap him, spit on him, and even cut him with a steak knife, I think the point might well have been missed.

Christians do believe that as Jesus Christ was forced to haul the cross he would be crucified on to Calvary, people spat on him and punched him. Jailers scourged him.

During a Monday after-school program, a pastor from an Ohio church challenged students to spit on him or slap him — without fear of punishment. Students also had the option of slicing the pastor’s back with a steak knife, CNN reported.

Again, I think I get the intent.

But I find it hard to believe that anyone thought giving students the opportunity to inflict an even milder set of injuries was a potentially good idea.

Years ago, an Easter service I attended provided an almost forensic explanation of what Jesus Christ went through.

The scourging, for example, was done with something similar to a cat o’ nine tails, a whip with nine strips that contained embedded pieces of nail, glass and bone. The whip was designed to inflict major damage to tissue. Sometimes, the scourging was enough to cause fatal injuries, since it not only ripped flesh but cut deeply, potentially even rupturing organs as the beating continued.

The worst, of course, was yet to come on the cross, but this torture alone seems far too much for anyone to have had to face.

What’s worse than the Easter lesson plan was that several students actually took the pastor up on his offer. Some did spit in his face, CNN reported. Some did slap him.

One student apparently did slice his back with a steak knife.

These students might need some counseling. It’s one thing to make the offer to allow such a thing. It’s terrifying that students would actually take advantage of the opportunity to actually do so.

How would you feel if your child took part in such a thing?

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