Church Blames Kentucky Clerk for Same-Sex Marriage Ruling


That hyper-conservative church that protests military funerals thinks the clerk who tried to block same-sex marriage for the ruling that made them legal.

I’ll let you re-read that sentence a few times and process it. Yes, this is a weird one.

That certain church we’ve all heard about whose members stage protests with signs indicating what God “hates,” including a word we don’t use on this blog, has made its anti-LGBT stance clear.

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk of court who refused to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples has likewise made her stance clear.

To the casual observer — to most everyone, I would think — the two are on the same page. You will recall, I’m sure, that presidential candidate Mike Huckabee shared a stage with Davis as Christians celebrated her as if she were some kind of rock star.

So why would a church that doesn’t want to see a same-sex marriage protest the very person who went to jail for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs?

Consider this quote from one of the church members:

“This woman wants to say that her sin isn’t as grievous as the same-sex marriage sin. It’s all sin. It’s all awful. But her sin enabled that sin.”

Her sin, they say, is adultery because of multiple marriages and divorces.

The protesters also called for her to obey the law (which would mean she would issue marriage licenses to same sex couples because she took an oath to obey the law and because “God hates oath-breakers.”

But wait, it gets even more interesting: they say that the American government is God’s government, and that He made same-sex marriage legal so that we would all be led to our destruction. Therefore, they say, if Davis is a Christian, she must follow God’s law to help lead us to destruction because of all the lukewarm Christians.


It’s certainly an interesting way to look at things.

But as one observer described it in the attached video, it is “confusing” when one Christian group protests another over the same issue.

It’s even more confusing when a group that’s against something calls for someone they accused of enabling it to further enable it because God, who doesn’t want it enabled, made it legal.

Are they against it or are they not?

It seems they’re so confident they’re going to heaven that they don’t seem to mind — indeed, they seem to be eager — about the destruction of mankind.

The “Hellfire and Brimstone” approach, unfortunately, seems alive and well, though it doesn’t seem to be working all that well.

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