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Church Selling Plots of Land in Heaven

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A church south of the border is gaining notoriety on social media after its pastor announced a plan to sell plots of land in Heaven.

Imagine sitting in church on a Sunday morning and getting this sales pitch from your pastor. Not only can you be sure you’ll go to Heaven, you can even choose where your eternal home will sit! A church in Mexico is now selling plots of land in Heaven to its members. It is, after all, the ultimate “gated community.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Relevant Magazine reports the pastor of a church spoke with God, who gave him “permission” to sell the land. The asking price, according to reports, is $100 per square meter.

Just to give you a little monetary perspective, there are 4,046 square meters in an acre. So for just over $400,000, you can buy a full acre of Heaven for you and yours.

Let the buyer — and believer — beware

Presumably, investors don’t have the opportunity to visit long enough to scope up the perfect “neighborhood” up there. If they did, they wouldn’t live to tell about it — or be back to complete the purchase.

You might assume there is no swampland up there in the clouds. So maybe any plot of land in Heaven is perfect. That’s a nice thought, right?

It’s not the first time, MSN says, a church has pulled a stunt like this. A church in Uganda in South Africa tried to sell property in Heaven by convincing his followers to sell off their land, animals and other Earthly assets. Somehow, they found a way to sell off parcels of Heaven. But they still haven’t found a way, apparently, for you to “take it with you” when it’s time to go.

If I were the buyer, I’d have so many questions. How does God give someone on Earth “permission” to sell off portions of Heaven? What happens if buyers — through sin — disqualify themselves from getting there? Do they get a refund? (I’m guessing they don’t.)

How does a church that sells plots of land in Heaven record the “deed” with the Almighty? Is the church God’s seller’s agent?

And how does the buyer, once the purchase is complete, have any “proof” to offer Saint Peter at the pearly gates that they are, in fact, an “investor?”

These are just a few critical questions I would think anyone who’d seriously consider this would ask before they took part.

I can’t imagine them getting sufficient answers to convince them to actually hand over any cash anyway.

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