DC Church Introduces ‘Faith Palms’ in Reaction to Trump


A church in the nation’s capital is using ‘faith palms’ to send messages about the current presidential administration and its actions.

You’ve surely heard of facepalms by now, but a church in Washington has started using “faith palms” as it criticizes President Donald Trump.

I can understand if you had to stop and re-read that. After all, when a president with a conservative agenda is in office, the last group you might expect to criticize him might just be a church.

But in Washington, D.C., St. Thomas’ Parish Episcopal Church had four signs with a common image: Jesus Christ exhibiting a facepalm.

Each has a very pointed political message next to Christ’s image:

  • “The President said what?”
  • “Yes, science is real.”
  • “What is it with America and guns?”
  • “I never said I hated anyone.”

The banners went up on fencing outside the church, which is undergoing major renovations. The banners, therefore, give the church’s leaders the opportunity to speak up on important issues even while construction is underway.

Rev. Alex Dyer of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church told Fox5 he feels a moral obligation to stand up and say something when injustice is seen:

“I don’t want to speak for Jesus too much, but the Jesus that I know and the Jesus that I follow is a Jesus who reaches out to people in the margins, is a Jesus who loves everybody and doesn’t put up border walls. I know there are Christians out there who are definitely in line with what our president is doing, but there is also a voice in Christianity that says this is not in line and this is not OK.”

There are surely a lot of Christians — I know some personally — who would certainly object to this kind of political statement. There are likely others who would insist that churches should avoid politics altogether. Of course, if the church had issued the same kind of messages about the former president, those same folks would surely have had no issue with it at all.

It comes down to whether you agree with the pastor that seeing injustice calls for action. If you do, you have to admire the church for taking a stand, even if you happen to disagree with their position: at least they’re doing something to minister in their own way.

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