Happy Hanukkah


Earlier this evening, Jewish families began the 8-day celebration known as Hanukkah.

It commemorates the Maccabees’ victorious reclaiming of the temple in Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. As the temple was being prepared for rededication, it was learned that there was only enough oil to burn a candle for a single day.

But something strange happened:&nbsp that candle with a single day’s oil burned for eight days. Each night of the celebration, a candle is lit in a Hanukiah until all eight are lit.

Two years ago, a Jewish co-worker told me about latkes, potato cakes that are a common part of the celebration. He promised to bring me one to sample, but so far that hasn’t happened, yet. Maybe this will be the year.

In any case, to my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah.

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