Here’s a Look at My Most-Read Faith Posts of Last Year


Religion is a topic I write about frequently here at ‘Patrick’s Place,’ so I thought it might be interesting to see my most-read faith posts of 2019.

After this week’s list of top grammar posts, I wanted to provide a similar list of most-read faith posts in 2019.

Here, according to Google Analytics, are the five most popular posts on the subject of faith:

5. ‘5 Negative Effects of Complaining by Christians

During a sermon, my pastor at the time pointed out that complaining will become your leader if you allow it to. And it’s not that difficult to have that happen. As Christians, we should be the problem-solvers, not the problem proclaimers

4. ‘What if a Christian is Afraid of Being Baptized?

When I was a kid, the thought of baptism terrified me for a simple reason: I couldn’t swim. But the church I attended at the time was far more interested in judging and making up their own reasons for my not having been baptized than in actually bothering to ask.

3. ‘Should Churches Host Easter Egg Hunts?

At Easter, some churches host a day designed to give parents and their children a safe place to spend time together. The event gives kids a safe place to hunt for colorful “hidden” plastic eggs, get candy and participate in activities. But the fact that these activities don’t directly relate to the Biblical story of Easter has some people up in arms over whether it’s appropriate for churches to host Easter Egg hunts at all. In this post, I explain why I respectfully disagree.

2. ‘What Do You Gain From Prayer? Sometimes, It’s What’s Lost

A meme circulating across social media prompted this post about prayer. It’s not so much what you get from prayer. In some cases, it’s negative qualities and attitudes that you lose for having spent time in prayer. I think it’s easy to overlook that particular effect.

1. ‘When Worship Music is Too Loud, What Do Worshippers Do?

I wrote this post back in 2015. I continue to be amazed at the nerve it struck with so many readers. No one seems to agree about what is and isn’t too loud at contemporary churches. But one thing is clear: once worship pastors decide, they don’t easily change their decision. And in some cases, people are switching churches because of music that’s too loud.

That’s my list. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll keep reading in 2020!

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