‘Love Gave’&nbsp Sets Donation Record for Lowcountry Orphans

Eighteen Lowcountry churches teamed up for a charity drive that raised more than $113,000 to assist area orphanages. I was part of the 58-hour “Love Gave Hope” web-based telethon that went live from two different Walmart locations in the Charleston area.

Each year, “Love Gave” assist families and the needy while uniting churches in a team-effort to accomplish much more than either could accomplish by itself.

It’s amazing to be part of such an event, because you are reminded of how churches are supposed to work in the community: there’s no competition among the churches, no attempts to pull people into individual churches to boost their member roles: it’s all about teamwork, because we are, literally, on the same team.

Last year, the program was called “Love Gave Food,” and raised $58,000 to feed needy families at Christmastime.

By the end of the 58 hours, we were only about $2,500 away from doubling the amount raised last year. The success of the program in an economy like this and at a time when people are stretching every dollar for Christmas shopping is staggering.

And I have to give a personal shout-out to the folks at Verizon, who donated the use of mobile hotspots, cell phones and tablets for both locations for the duration of the event. As soon as they heard about the need, they immediately stepped up to help. It’s good to see a major corporation step in at the local level to help one of its communities.

The group will continue to accept donations if you’d like to contribute at love Or, if you’re not in South Carolina and would prefer to help children in your own state who are waiting for a family, please do so.

Every dollar can make a difference and help provide a sense of hope.

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