My 10 Best Faith Posts of 2018

Faith is important to me, so it’s also an important part of my blog. I’ve come up with a list of what I consider my 10 best faith posts of 2018.

I had several more than 10 to choose from in this particular category. But here, in no particular order, are 10 of my best faith posts of the past year.

1. ‘Churches, “It’s Not About You” is a Poor Response to Worship Concerns’

I’ve been amazed since I’ve first written about the growing problem of loud worship music by the number of people who’ve encountered this problem. Some have simply left their churches in search of one that won’t cause permanent damage to their hearing.

Others who’ve worked up the nerve to speak to their pastors about their concerns, however, have sometimes received a completely inappropriate response. I hope church leaders will read this.

2. ‘A Different Take on the Crucifixion’

This post was inspired by a podcast featuring Stan Mitchell, a pastor from Tennessee. He suggested an alternate possibility for the reason Christ was crucified. His idea in no way diminishes the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection. Indeed, it makes it a much more personal statement to all of us about how much we are actually loved by God.

3. ‘The Homeless Man Ethical Dilemma: Here’s My Answer!’

Two different men approach a homeless man at different times. The first walks by with derision and condescension, but stops and gives the man $100 and the address for a shelter. The second sits down and offers kind words and prayers and gives him $1.

Which of the two is the Godly man?

Is the answer as easy as the question makes it seem? I didn’t think so.

4. ‘Do Progressive Christians Require Profanity to Communicate?’

I’ve listened to several podcasts about Progressive Christianity and far too many of them have one unfortunate thing in common: profanity. In fact, they have a level of profanity that becomes a concern in and of itself.

If it’s “hip” to curse and these younger ministers are trying to reach an audience by stooping to that level, we have a problem.

5. ‘No One Said God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Bear’

Anytime someone is going through a difficult time, some well-meaning Christian will attempt to encourage them by saying, “God will never give you more than you can bear.”

That’s not exactly something you’ll find in the Bible.

6. ‘Pope Francis Reportedly Tells Gay Man: “God Made You This Way”’

The comment from Pope Francis was secondhand information. But if he really made that comment, I have to respectfully disagree with the notion.

I don’t think God makes people gay anymore than he makes people have hazel eyes or blonde hair.

7. ‘Progressive Pastor Turns Tables On the “Clobber Verse”’

Pastor Stan Mitchell, who I also mentioned in the second post in this list, was at it again, this time talking about “clobber verses.” They’re a set of Bible verses that are typically used to condemn gay people.

But Mitchell used a verse from Matthew to illustrate a different kind of clobber verse: this time, one directed at the very people who use those others.

8. ‘Proof School Shootings Don’t Happen “Because We Kicked God Out”’

Too often, when there’s a shooting at a school, those who are more concerned with keeping their guns than looking for a solution will offer up the same tired suggestion: When we “kicked God out of school” by eliminating corporate prayer, we invited this.

If you believe such an absurd notion, I have a few questions.

9. ‘Missionary Killed by Tribe Put Multiple Lives in Danger’

The story of a missionary who broke the law to reach a remote tribe protected by law made me angry. I wasn’t angry only because by breaking the law, he is believed to have been killed. I was angry that he encouraged other people to break the law to help him and then endangered the lives of others who might have had to try to retrieve his remains.

It was zeal — and probably pride — that led to this tragedy.

Can God not handle a situation better than this?

10. ‘I Wish We Wouldn’t Say “God is Good” Only When Good Things Happen’

Someone gets a new job…and God is good. Someone gets good news from the doctor…and God is good. Someone learns they’re going to become a parent…and God is good.

You get the picture.

But when bad things happen, it’s curious how quickly we’ll quietly drop that little phrase.

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