Pastor Targeted by Trump Tweet Posts Open Letter Response


When a pastor targeted by President Donald Trump in a tweet started catching flak, he posted a thoughtful response to it all.

What should a pastor targeted by a negative presidential tweet do?

One pastor came up with a worthy response.

It all started, according to The Washington Post, when President Donald Trump posted a tweet criticizing Jonathan Karl and ABC News. Trump took apparent offense over a report from Karl about Hurricane Dorian.

You probably know there has been an ongoing battle over whether Dorian ever threatened Alabama. Trump even tweeted the original forecast to prove his point.

While Alabama appeared in initial forecasts, it fell out of the “cone of uncertainty” well ahead of reaching the United States. That’s pretty much the way every single tropical projection works. Things change. And forecast tracks change.

Every time.

In any case, Trump tweeted his criticism of Karl and ABC.

But that’s not the original post. Trump apparently deleted it after pastor Jonathan Carl posted an open letter. Carl shared a screengrab of the original tweet with the Washington Post.

He responded with an open letter published on his own site. He calls himself, in the title, “a casualty” of Trump’s “Drive-By Tweeting War.”

“Although I was an accidental casualty caught in the cross-fire of your ‘lightweight’ tweet, your attack was very purposeful and hurtful,” he wrote. And he added quotations from another president, Abraham Lincoln.

He dispensed five pieces of advice, ending each one with a Lincoln quote.

The best piece of advice suggested that the president should be humble:

You called an experienced reporter a “lightweight.”  Let’s be honest, you are a lightweight too.  We all are.  God is the only heavyweight who knows it all and gets it right all the time.  

Christians should appreciate that, no matter which political side they claim.

I suspect many do, though, unfortunately, many may not choose to admit it just now.

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