Pope Francis Reportedly Tells Gay Man: ‘God Made You This Way’

If you want to stir a religious argument, just make a statement about the notion of homosexuality that ‘God made you this way.’

A gay man raised eyebrows when he told reporters Pope Francis told him, “God made you this way.”

The man, reportedly a Chilean survivor of clerical sex abuse, said that he had a private meeting with Pope Francis earlier this month. During that meeting, he said he admitted being gay.

“You have to be happy with who you are,” Cruz claims the pope told him. “God made you this way and loves you this way, and the pope loves you this way.”

Two things, at this point, are important to note:

First, we’re hearing second hand what Pope Francis allegedly said. We’re only getting one side of the conversation here, so there’s no actual confirmation that this was said from the Vatican.

Second, there has, so far, been no comment from the Vatican. They haven’t confirmed that Francis made that statement. But likewise, they haven’t denied it, either.

If the pontiff didn’t actually say such a thing, which would seem to contradict long-time teaching about homosexuality being a sin, you’d think the Vatican would be quick to correct such a misquote.

If the pontiff did actually make the statement, it’s an eye-opening statement from so prominent a religious figure and one worth debating.

If I were to assume he actually did make the statement, I have no problem with the part about God loving a gay person.

I’m not sure that I agree with the ‘God made you this way’ part.

Let me be clear: I don’t think — even for a moment — that one chooses to be gay. Given the treatment gay people receive, even these days, I don’t know why anyone would intentionally make that choice if they could just as easily choose to be straight.

The presumption that everyone who’s gay decides at some point to pursue the same sex just for the heck of it has never made sense to me.

It doesn’t really make sense to the people who propogate such hogwash, either. They like to wonder at which point a gay person “chose” to become gay. But none of those folks I’ve asked can ever pinpoint the time they “chose” to be straight.

But at the same time, I don’t think it’s God that “makes” someone gay.

I think that’s biology. Perhaps it’s more than biology. But I don’t attribute it to God.

I look at it a lot like eye color. For a while, I wished I’d had blue eyes instead of the hazel eyes I was born with. I don’t think God intentionally assigned hazel eyes to me. I think God set forth — eons ago — the biological process that led to the human race.

Said process produces a variety of variables that give some people blue eyes, while others get green, brown, gray or hazel.

If I believe God “made” gay people gay, then I have to wonder why He’d do that, especially if His people, who insist their acting the way He wants them to act, are then so cruel and unwelcoming to gay people.

Likewise, if I believe God gets that granular in the life creation process, then I have to believe that God intentionally chooses which infants are born with devastating disabilities and who gets horrible diseases like cancer, multiple scleroris, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

One of the most religious, sweet and kindness women I ever knew battled multiple sclerosis for decades. She took comfort in her faith and demonstrated it in the love she showed to others despite her condition.

I think that lived up to the notion that adversity can be used to God’s glory.

But I don’t think it follows that God targeted that sweet lady for that horrible disease.

I think gays have been abused by the church for far too long. Pastors have ignored numerous sins for decades so they can focus on that particular issue, while simultaneoulsy assuming that gays dislike church and, therefore, aren’t there to hear the anti-gay messages anyway.

So I think it’s a good thing if the pope actually made this comment.

I think a gay person who hears a message that God loves them is much more likely to actually show up in a church and start learning about a relationship with Jesus than one who only hears that God “hates” them would ever be.

Maybe, if Francis said it, it can bridge a gap that has needed to be bridged for some time if Christians are really supposed to love their neighbors.

The most disturbing part of the whole controversy would be that an expression of love would be regarded as such a mistake.

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