Televangelist Denounces Flu Shots, Flu Season

There’s no such thing as flu season and we don’t need flu shots…according to a televangelist who told her ‘partners’ Christians are protected from the flu.

“We’ve got a duck season, we’ve got a deer season, but we don’t have a flu season,” televangelist Gloria Copeland said in a message posted to her “partners” on Facebook.

She also said there’s no need to worry with flu shots. Why? Because Jesus Christ already took the flu shot for us.

In my state of South Carolina alone, approximately 80 people have died from the flu epidemic. Just yesterday, I saw a report of a young girl — about 7 years old if I remember correctly — who died in Georgia from the flu.

But Copeland said when Jesus died on the cross, “He bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases.”

Wait a second.

Call me crazy, but I thought Jesus Christ bore our sins, not the flu.

He died so that we could find salvation, not be spared of the sniffles and a fever.

If her “logic” was valid, then why would any Christian ever be sick in this life? I can immediately think of two Christians I knew personally who died because of serious illnesses.

One of them was a former pastor of mine, one of the most kind, genuine people you’d ever meet. Once he met you, he never forgot your name. He was genuinely interested in helping people know Christ. He was easily one of the most Godly men you’d ever meet, though he’d certainly deny he was as Godly as you just felt he was when you were around him and talking to him.

The other was a woman who suffered for decades from multiple sclerosis, a woman who was so loving and cared so much about others that once, when she had fallen and broke both legs, she sat in her hospital bed calling people who she learned had missed that week’s Sunday School because of their own illness. It could certainly be argued that she was in worse shape than anyone who’d missed a single Sunday, but there she was trying to encourage them after setting her own suffering aside.

So did Jesus not bear their illness?

Does Copeland think that those who actually have battled the flu just aren’t “Christian” enough?

Curiously enough, she prayed for people who have the flu in the video.

“Flu, I bind you off the people in the name of Jesus,” she said. “Jesus himself gave us the flu shot, He redeemed us from the curse of flu.”

I couldn’t help but wonder why she’d do that: if Jesus removed sickness, and there’s no such thing as flu season, why would she think anyone would need prayer to have the flu lifted? Didn’t she already say Christ had that part covered?

Sometimes, we really need to leave healthcare to medical professionals, not preachers.

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