Televangelist: Supporting Donald Trump is Test of Your Salvation


If you’re supporting Donald Trump, then you’re obviously going to Heaven. An infamous televangelist essentially made that claim this week.

If you want to know whether you’re truly saved, ask yourself this: Are you supporting Donald Trump?

Remember Jim Bakker? He’s back. And he ignited a firestorm on Twitter this week. How? He suggested people’s support of Trump can serve as a test of whether they have Christ’s salvation.

I am not making this up.

In the past, I’ve written about the fact that I don’t think pastors should jump into politics. I don’t like some pastor telling me who I should vote for:

Too often, it seems, they embrace a party and assume everyone who’s part of that particular party must be nothing short of a saint.

I’d prefer to hear pastors tell me what Jesus Christ taught. From there, I’m fairly confident I can find a candidate whose views match Christ’s teachings well enough.

I also suggested, however, that it’s different when pastors point to candidates you happen to already agree with. I suppose that’s human nature; we want to be right…whether we’re “right” or “left.”

I do believe that if your faith is about politics rather than God, there’s a problem.

And contrary to what Bakker or pastors like him might say, I think there’s a much better test.

You can find it in John 3:16.

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