The End of Time?

We get a lot of strange email at my job.  This is pretty normal, considering that people are emailing a newsroom.

There have been a string of emails from various people with religious intent.  The emails list the date on which time will actually end.

What’s strange is that the date is mentioned in a rambling string of names and ages of biblical characters that seems to make absolutely no sense.  There are incomplete sentences and fragments.  The title of the email usually looks something like this:

“The of beganing , and Time of the End” [sic]

I’m sure these are otherwise well-meaning people, who may even think they’re doing someone a favor by passing tidbits like these along.

However, I tend to believe that if God were trying to send a message to us, He’d be clear.  There’d be no room for confusion, no bizarre numbers, no rambling.  If he wanted us to know something, we’d know.

And I’m pretty sure that God would know how to correctly spell beginning.

In case you’re ready to mark your calendar, the date listed in these little literary gems is May 21, 2011.  Shucks!  I had to go prepay for this domain through 2012!!

Assuming this is bogus, of course, I wonder what these same people are going to be saying on May 22.

Maybe we’ll all get lucky and 5/21/11 will just be the day that email spam ceases to exist.  That’d be a good day.


  1. JFARS was actually coined by my pastor, and I promptly stole it: it stands for “Jesus Followers Acting Really Stupid”

  2. That didn’t come from a Nigerian Prince seeking your SS#, did it? 😉

    (By the way, what is “JFARS”? I Googled it, I promise, but didn’t see any reference for the acronym so I’m assuming it’s a Patrick Original.)

  3. And here I thought the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. Is it too much to ask for these ancient religions and modern-day nuts to all get on the same calendar?

  4. I wouldn’t rule out mental illness, i.e. psychosis, schizophrenia. We have a few ‘regular’ patrons who talk the way you describe, and are quite literally certifiable. Supposedly they are safe as long as they stay on their meds, but how is one to know if someone else is taking pills? It’s a quandary.

    Also, our religious nut has a different date in mind. 2016, I think…?

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