My Top 10 Faith Posts of 2013


For the last week of the year, I’m highlighting 2013’s top posts in my key categories on the days those categories are most likely to be featured, and today I present my Top 10 Faith Posts of 2013.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the top posts by category for the year.

Friday is the day I publish posts relating to faith, and I’m happy to report that this category was higher ranked this year than in years past.

Here’s a list of my top 10 Faith posts of 2013 according to stats.

1. “Homeless Pastor Story Surely Fake, But Too Good to Resist”

One of the problems with a story that spreads like wildfire over social media is that sooner or later, someone will finally get around to fact-checking. And for this one, fact-checking turned up some questions. But this particular story had such momentum that I had to weigh in.

2. “5 Negative Effects of Complaining for Christians”

Is the phrase, “Life sucks!” in your arsenal? If so, this post might give you a good reason to ditch it.

3. “When Saying ‘I’ll Pray for You’ Can Be a Problem”

Prayer is one of a Christian’s best resources. Unfortunately, some choose to use it as a weapon against those for whom they should show compassion.

4. “Why I Can’t Buy the ‘God Made Me This Way’ Argument”

Take nearly every malady, condition or foundation of one’s personality, and there’s someone there who, even with the best of intentions, blames God for it. I’ve had enough of this way of thinking.

5. “Who’s the Bad Company Christians Should Avoid”

If, as the Bible says, “bad company corrupts good character,” who, exactly is that bad company we should be looking out for? And what makes us so sure we’re the good company everyone else should be seeking?

6. “3 Bible References JFK Planned in Undelivered Speech”

Had President Kennedy arrived at the Dallas Trade Mart on November 22, 1963, the speech he intended to deliver contained three Bible references.

7. “A Tale of Two Pastors on Inauguration Day”

The behavior of two pastors really disappointed me on Inauguration Day. I decided it was time someone called out their unChristian behavior.

8. “Should Churches Push Lukewarm Christians Out the Door?”

An email making the rounds about a church’s plan to invite the “less committed” to worship elsewhere caused a ruckus. But if the email had turned out to be genuine, would it have really been a good idea?

9. “In Marriage Equality Debate, One Symbol Wasn’t Enough”

As the Supreme Court began debating marriage equality earlier this year, Facebook and Twitter users began displaying red equal signs as their profile images. Christians counter-attacked with red crosses. For some of us, you can’t adequately sum up all of the feelings of the matter with one little icon.

10. “What If It’s the Pastor Behaving Badly?”

For a handful of pastors out there, the question should be, “What happened to leading by example?”

Your Turn:

What faith topics got your attention in 2013?

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