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Calls That Could Get Calls

A Hawaii television station has received FCC approval for two sets of television station call letters that would likely have gotten them lots of complaints had someone not pointed out the error in advance.

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that KM Communications recently applied for a series of call letters for various broadcast properties. Two of the calls recently approved by the FCC — aren’t they the ones who are supposed to investigate indecency complaints? — include KUNT and KWTF.

I am not making this up.

KUNT-TV was to be the calls for an as-yet unbuilt low-power television station in Maui. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for many decades, you recognize already that the pronunciation of the word formed by the call letters is more than a little similar to a word considered extremely vulgar.

KWTF which contains the abbreviation “WTF” that stands for something more vulgar than “what the hell,” was to go to an Arizona station.

When a columnist pointed out the unusual call letters, KM Communications apologized for anyone who might have been offended and pledged to file for replacement calls at once.

In the old days, call letter approval required a human being to actually look at the list; computers seem to be missing something when it comes to filtering out what could be potentially-problematic letter combinations.

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  • The OUTRAGE! LOL. Jeepers, the things people choose to worry about. LOL. Fun post Patrick. 🙂

  • Funny society. We can invade a foreign country, kill nearly a million of its inhabitants, endorse torture with the same arguments the Nazis used, but sure as hell better not have a TV station that sounds like #### or one that reminds people of What the ####? They might look around them and think, “What the #### is going on around here?”


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