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Fox Game Show Admits Goof, But Won’t Pay


Have you heard about this one?

On Fox’s new prime time game show, Million Dollar Money Drop, two contestants wagered $800,000 on a question about the Post-It Note, the Macintosh computer and the Sony Walkman.

Specifically, the question was which of the two was sold in stores first.

The contestants bet most of the million-dollar jackpot they started the game with that the Post-It Note was sold earlier. Their answer was ruled incorrect and they were informed that the Walkman hit store shelves in 1979, one year earlier than Post-It Notes. (Macs weren’t sold until 1984.)

Four days later, responding to increasing feedback from viewers questioning the ruling, Fox admitted it was wrong and invited the boyfriend-girlfriend duo back to the show.

There’s just one catch: the contestants won’t be getting that $800,000 back. The show’s executive producer reportedly said the question was not a “deciding” factor in the game.

Hmm. As I understand the rules of this game, and correct me if I’m wrong, contestants begin with a jackpot of a million bucks. They’re a series of multiple choice questions with four answers each, and they’re required to move money from answer to answer based on the answer they think is actually correct. So these two, wagered 80% of their money on the right answer — whether they knew it was right or not, they should have carried that money forward — and lost it on a mistake the producers made.

And the show talking about “deciding factors?” What does that even mean?

I think they should have them back and start them off with a $1.8 Million jackpot. Bob Barker would have never refused to “give it to ‘em anyway.”

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