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I recently subscribed to Time magazine, news that should make AOL’s corporate parent happy. Besides the fact that I’m trying to make more time to read, I also figured at least one benefit of subscribing to Time would be that they could then stop offering me a senior citizen’s discount (which, to the best of my knowledge, amounts to a whopping difference of 95¢) off the basic subscription price you can find at the magazine’s website.

In any case, a recent edition featured a story about living longer, and it had one of the shortest tests to “predict” how long you will live that I’ve found. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure…but here’s what it said. How long will you live?

First: Start with a base lifespan of 87. (Gotta like that.)

Then, answer the following questions and add or subtract as necessary:

Attitude: If you’re generally optimistic and able to let go of things that are stressful, then hold at 87. If you’re not, subtract 5 years. (Yeah, lost 5 on that one.)

Genes: If at least some family members have lived into their 90s or later, add 10 years, since longevity runs in families. (Picked up 10 there.)

Exercise: (I’m already getting ready to subtract!) If you set aside at least 30 minutes a day, three days a week for exercise (people do that??), then hold at the current number. If you don’t do that much exercise (which I imagine describes most people on the planet!), then subtract 5 years. (I’m breaking even, at least.)

Interests: Do you like things that challenge the brain? Do you take on activities that are “novel and complex?” If so, add 5 years. If not, go to the store and buy a crossword puzzle book and try again later.

Nutrition: (Here we go again!) Carrying extra weight will shorten your life span. Gee, thanks for the clue. If your diet doesn’t keep you lean, you’ve just lost 7 years.

Smoking: Smoking will shorten your life span. Duh. If you smoke, you just lost 5 more years.

So, according to Time magazine, I’ll live to be 85. I’m excited by that news. That means I’ll be able to enjoy that senior citizens discount for at least thirty years after I become officially eligible!

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