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If You’re In the Toilet, Please Don’t Call Me

So apparently there is this new gadget that allows women to do something they’ve secretly wanted to do since Eve noticed something Adam could do that she couldn’t:  pee standing up.

The Go Girl is a FUD, a Female Urination Device, about which you can read more — likely more than you’d ever want to know — here.

In any event, over at the website Frisky, a female writer urges her fellow women to not go crazy over the idea of the FUD.  Instead, she lists 10 reasons why women are better off peeing their way, and why men are the ones at the distinct disadvantage.

One of them is that unlike men, women can actually talk on the phone while they’re seated and performing “number one.”

Seriously:  who talks to someone on the telephone when they’re on the commode?

And even more importantly, who wants to be talking to someone else while they’re doing that kind of business?

Let Mother Nature do her thing.  Call me afterwards.

Really.  I don’t mind waiting.


  1. Just a note, these things have been around for awhile…There is an insurance building in Lincoln, Nebraska that has had one since around 1948 or so…It never gets used.

  2. Serendipitously, last night while having dinner with family at a nice restaurant, this very thing happened to me. Had the woman not had a child with her, I would have considered punching her in the face. Instead I just glared at her. Not that she noticed.

  3. Yeah, I’m 100% with you on this. It has become VERY common for me to hear people on the phone as Donna mentions. Gah–talk about invaded privacy!

    (I’m a little confused about why guys can’t talk on the phone at this point, however: what about Bluetooth?)

    Weird aside: every hotel room in Vegas that I’ve been in has a phone next to the toilet. Just more proof that Vegas is actually Mars.

  4. Ewww. No thanks.

    About talking on the phone in the commode: One time I was in a booth of a McDonald’s rest room; the person in the next booth said, “Hi, how are you doing?” and I started to answer, thinking she was striking up a conversation with me, a total stranger she couldn’t even see. Thank goodness I hesitated, because before I could respond she began talking again, and I realized she was on the cell phone.

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