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Lauer Loses It Over ‘Packaging’

Some unfortunate wording left NBC’s Matt Lauer struggling to keep his composure during a report about food prices on Tuesday’s edition of the Today show.

Today Financial Editor Jean Chatzky was warning viewers about rising food prices when Lauer asked a question about the way food is packaged.

He read one of Chatzky’s tips: “You say the size of the package is very important?”

As Chatzky was explaining that some retailers might shrink the size of the package to avoid raising prices, the double meaning clearly started doing its magic in Lauer’s brain. By the next question, he was done for.

Here’s the video of the segment in case you missed it. You have to give props to NBC, which actually posted the moment rather than ignoring it and hoping it wouldn’t find its way to YouTube.

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  1. Yes, I saw that the other day and my thoughts were the same as Matt's when Chatzky said that.

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