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Lunchtime Surprise: The Stairs That Were Not There

Here’s something that doesn’t happen all that often, fortunately.

I came home for lunch only to discover that there was no way to actually get home. With food in my hand and the intention of hanging out at home with the dog during my lunch hour, I approached the stairwell and was surprised to see that there was nothing to climb.

Actually, there was something to climb: a rickety looking ladder perched against the middle landing. Can you imagine trying to lower a 75-pound Collie down a ladder so he can go do his business then get him back up the same way?

I turned around and walked to the office. I was immediately greeted by a chipper young employee who asked how she could help me.

“I was just curious about the stairs at my building.”

“What about them?” she asked innocently.

“Where are they?”

The look on her face was quite amusing. At least, for a moment. Then it turned into fear. “Oh, did they collapse?”

“Well, not that I know of. They’re just gone. Half a flight is missing and it’s not lying where stairs used to be. And there are two workers apparently taking a break, but the stairs aren’t with them, either.”

This sent the poor employee into a tizzy, frantically calling the maintenance crew.

It seems a contractor hired to repair staircases on the property didn’t bother telling the office that they were sending men out on this particular day. What’s more, the contractor never mentioned that when men would come out, they might remove an entire flight (or half-flight) of stairs for repair.

She apologized for the problem, though it evidently wasn’t her fault to begin with. I thanked her and headed back to work.

I hate eating lunch at the office, but in this case, I didn’t feel like joining the workers under the oak tree, so I figured the office was a better option.

Fortunately for everyone, the stairs were back, looking slightly better than they had before their disappearing act. They actually felt a little sturdier underneath my feet as I ascended them.

The dog didn’t notice anything that different. But by then, he had more pressing things on his mind.


  1. I’m sorry this happen but you just made my properties problems seem so much less than the disappearing stairs. I really did enjoy reading this article!

  2. @patricksplace Well, THAT certainly should never happen! Not my community, but I feel like I should say “sorry” to you FOR them!

      1. @patricksplace That is crazy! At least maintenance team should have seen them there and told the office staff! File under communication fail

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