Monday's Morals

Monday’s Morals – Episode 36


In the old days, any party involving young people involved lots of calls between parents to make sure nothing “out of control”&nbsp might happen.

These days, those calls still happen, but it just seems like they don’t. What would you do if you had friends with a teen who was looking forward to a party and you discover that they somehow forgot to check up on the parents to make sure there’d be adult supervision?

Would you step in if you learned that no one over 18 might be present? That’s this week’s topic!

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Your friends have a teenage daughter who has been invited to a party hosted at your neighbor’s home. You discover that the neighbors will be out of town when the party is happening. Would you tell your friends about it? Why or why not?

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  • Unfortunately, we (the crew I ride on the ambulance with) have been to parties – not because we were invited to join the festivities, but because underage drinking has gone on or drugs were used – and it is a different age now. There are now parties where teens raid their parents’ drugs, put everything they find into one bowl and then attendees will take a pill or two or three without any idea what it is or how it may interact with another drug and/or the alcohol they are ingesting. That sounds like something that happens in cities, but never think that. It happens everywhere.

    Maybe it doesn’t seem like a party with adult supervision, but it is better to go that route than to have to attend a funeral after or visit friends in the hospital because no one was in control to ensure that this didn’t happen.

  • If there’s adult supervision, it’s no longer a party.

    Having said that, absolutely I would tell them, especially since I am supposed to be their friend. What they do with that information, or don’t do with it, is entirely up to them.

    • Ha I agree on idea of no “partae” if adults there but I’ll give you an example from the 70s….parents there gave us beer and “other” so….depends on the FAMILY! No, I was a good girl! I thought they were nuts even at my age but as I realize now and then a bit, I had wonderful parents.

      Now also I’ve seen parents be home and a lovely party occur. What age are the teenagers. I mean my youngest niece will be 13 this summer. Definitely need adults and it is fun…I mean heck they don’t have to pay for the pizza and pop & ice cream or whatever! They have pools in the neighborhood, trampelines ETC!

      Now 18/19 yrs??? That is different but sometimes parents can be in the house and they just sleep over and stay up all night and pay video games etc. HA! Twitter and FB that is what they do now…ha! Man I just got the scene of Grease in my head when the girls have the slumber party. HA!

      So it depends on so many factors hard to say but generally still YES! Just to see watz up! (Ya, its no longer “what’s going down” right?! Ha!)

  • Well I’m not sure all this makes a difference but first when I read “daughter” I thought that would make a difference to some, whether it should or not I think it would. Next, I suppose it would depend on the “type of party.” I suppose again we are making some “assumptions” but for example is this an open party, guys etc. I mean my niece turned 19 Sat & she has a party at the house that is just her female friends and that is not the same as “Paaarrrtaaaeee”. I guess you are trying to suggest Tom Cruise in Risky Business or something to that effect? And I guess that even says back then there were no guarantees! HA!

    Now would I call the parents? I probably would ask or hmmm maybe say something like, “Thank you so much for inviting my daughter to your home for X’s party on next Saturday. It is so lovely of you.” That way it is telling them but indirectly and I can see their reaction. Maybe I’d even say it outside of church in front of the priest! HA! That way the daughter couldn’t say “What party?” HA! I really can’t see how anyone would not. I mean I know my world but how do you let it happen even if you own child does not go? How do you live with yourself should something happen? Child dies, dui etc. I could not live with myself if I knew & something happened. It does take a village…sorry but…

    • Next, I suppose it would depend on the “type of party.” I suppose again we are making some “assumptions” but for example is this an open party, guys etc.

      That’s the point: all you really know for sure is that it’s a party with teens and no adults will be present to supervise. It may be “open,” it may be a slumber party. But no one will be watching what the kids are doing.

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