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Petitions Pop Up Asking Permission to Secede from Union

The White House began receiving notifications of petitions underway in which citizens across the country are petitioning the Obama Administration for permission to secede from the union.

While I suppose it’s nice of them to request permission, I think their chances of receiving it are about as slim as me winning three lotteries in the same afternoon.

Among the states in which petitions have popped up — of course — is South Carolina. Yes, my home state, that stubborn, wedge-shaped entity that was first to secede (without anyone’s permission, I might add) in the Civil War.

The plan, if succession were granted, would allow the state to then form its own government and run as its own mini-nation. This comes from the state whose own lack of foresight allowed millions of its residents to have personal information hacked by a still-unnamed foreign country and is will now pay millions for practically worthless credit monitoring for a single year.

Yeah, this is the kind of leadership that should run things without anyone over them!

Aside from the Palmetto State, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas are among other states in which there are citizens who’ve asked.

Currently, South Carolina’s petition hopefuls set a goal of 25,000 signatures by December 10th. More than 9,000 have signed two different petitions so far.

I don’t think we’re at any risk of breaking away.

But I wouldn’t mind if some of the more ardent supporters of this ridiculous plan would find their own spot of land somewhere else and start a country of their own: if things work as perfectly as they seem to think it would, they’d make gazillions in tourism alone.

We might even ask them back! If, that is, we get enough signatures.


  1. I find these sort of things humorous, as well. It does make me wonder if people are completely aware of what federal tax dollars are doing for them and their communities and what they would be losing without that support.

    1. psalm23 The biggest challenge to the facts of the story I see on Snopes is that it’s not the states themselves but rather people within them. But the petitions do seem to be genuine, albeit misguided and unlikely to accomplish much of anything.

  2. I always get such a big laugh from these secession petitions. I don’t think these people realize just how much the citizens of the states get from the federal government in terms of services like Medicaid and Medicare. They seem to think that seceding from the union would mean living in some kind of tax free utopia where everyone pays for only themselves and the private sector charges them close to nothing. Maybe their brains have already seceded, and they just want to follow.

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