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Saturday 6: 11 Sounds That’ll Make You Feel Old

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At least one of the random links in this week’s Saturday 6 might make you feel your true age. (Sorry about that!)

Let’s begin:

1. IKEA Placemat Hides Smartphones at Meal Time

You might call it a sad commentary on our times, but a new placemat design allows the best of both worlds at the dinner table: people can keep their cell phones close by, but still (mostly) out of sight. I hope it’s spill-proof. Do you ever check your cell phone during a meal?

2. Doctors Warn Against ‘Sunburn Art’ Social Media Trend

Some stories just make you want to shake your head. This is one of them. As much news as there has been for so long about the dangers of tanning, there’s now a trend of “body art” that revolves around it. Doctors, predictably, are warning against it. Enthusiasts, predictably, are ignoring them. Skin cancer specialists, predictably, are secretly looking forward to more business down the road.

3. How to Make Your Entire Internet Life More Secure in One Day

Here are some tips to make yourself more secure online and a list you can tackle in one day. When I saw the headline, the first notion that came to mind about making your internet life more secure was “unplugging your devices from it.”&nbsp Of course, that’d be too easy.

4. 6 airline fees you didn’t know you were paying

Everybody likes to complain about how much airfare costs these days, and obviously inflated fees, like $40 to check a piece of luggage, are easy targets. But there are plenty of less obvious fees still driving your ticket price up. Which of the six do you think is the most warranted?

5. 24 More Creative Cakes That Are Too Sweet To Eat!

Check out #8: You could always claim you were eating healthy fruits and vegetables instead of cake!

6. 11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard

Mental_Floss has a list (with YouTube links) of sounds that most of us grew up with but that today’s kids have likely never experienced for themselves…other than through watcing YouTube videos designed to make the rest of us feel old. The comments are equally depressing as people complain that the sound of a dialup modem wasn’t included. Really? Where’s my Geritol?? Which sound do you remember most fondly?

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  • I recognise every single sound mentioned, and my favourite is the ding, ding of the fuel stations’ pneumatic cables. Very cool!

    Funny, I know the sounds of the television airing going off, but not ‘High Flight’. However, I know the mock up of that poem that was in 8 July 1984’s printing of Bloom County, where it was an ode to a flightless bird – Opus.

    Funny, isn’t it, the things that come to mind?

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