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Saturday 6: 46 Life-Changing Baking Hacks

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Here are some random links I ran across this week that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Let’s begin.

1. 10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

There are several basic foods that will not only help improve our overall health, but also help us lose weight at the same time, Interesticle reports. I’m in, depending, of course, on what the foods actually are. How many of these 10 foods do you eat regularly?

2. The Hamburger Icon: The Most Misunderstood Icon Ever


Okay, so it’s at least something named after food: The hamburger button has become a common symbol on our smartphones, tablets and computers, the BBC reports, but it still seems that some people have no clue what it means. At the day job, when I have to explain to a caller how to access some part of our app, I mention the icon by name, mostly to see if people know right away what I’m talking about. Most, honestly, don’t seem to. So then I tell them to look for the three horizontal stacked lines. “Oh, yeah, that!” they answer. Here’s how the symbol came to be. Did you know it’s name?

3. 7 Common Cooking Mistakes

Okay, my impatience sometimes gets the best of me and I’m guilty of the first common mistake on this list, but I’ve gotten much better about this one. I blame the pictures of the delectable finished product in many recipes. (This is why I also wish all recipe books would include pictures of the process, not just the result. What’s your most common cooking mistake?

4. The Skinny on Food Temptations

If you’re like me, you have a problem with snacks: if they’re in your house, you know it and you’ll find them. Unfortunately, when you find them, you’re liable to consume them, diet-be-damned. Here are three simple tricks you can try, purportedly from the kitchens of “skinny people” that might help you join their ranks. What’s your best trick to help yourself temper your snack temptations?

5. 13 Satisfying Main Course Salad


A salad as the whole meal, you say? Hey, it can happen. One of my favorite restaurants, California Dreaming, has its amazing and appropriately named “California Dreaming Salad” that is so big that it’s a meal in and of itself, and a phenomenal salad at that. But here is a baker’s dozen of salad recipes that might produce your whole meal before you get around to an entree.

6. 46 Life-Changing Baking Hacks

I’m no Julia Childs — even a Graham Kerr, for that matter — but when I see a list of kitchen-themed lifehacks described as “life-changing,” I’m definitely curious. And I had already learned a few things as I browsed the first half-dozen of these from BuzzFeed. Who knew, for example, that you could keep cookies moist in the fridge if you store them with an Apple wedge? Seriously: who knew this and who would store cookies with a wedge of apple to discover this little detail in the first place? How many of these had you never heard of before?

I hope you get out and enjoy these non-traditional August holidays. Are there any others that sound good to you?

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  • I never knew you call the three line “Hamburger Icon” I just thought it meant “List.” You click on it and it expanded in to a menu list.

    You learn something new everyday!

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