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Saturday 6: 6 August Holidays Worth Celebrating

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Last Updated on February 11, 2022

This week, I thought I’d introduce six more offbeat August holidays that more of us should take seriously.

Let’s begin.

1. August 10: Lazy Day


Holiday Insights says this day’s origin is unclear, but it’s a day designed to celebrate doing as little as possible. I’m all for that. Oddly enough, I scheduled a day off from work for myself for this day without even realizing it was Lazy Day. Some of the more productive members of my readership might quickly complain that you can’t get rich by being lazy. Well, I even have something to offer for that segment of this blog’s population: consider this list of the 10 Laziest Ways to Become Rich. While some seem quite dubious, perhaps there’s something there that will inspire a better idea that will lead you to your own personal jackpot.

2. August 10: Skyscraper Appreciation Day

Days of the Year reminds us August 10th is the birthday of William Can Alen, the genius behind the construction of one of New York City’s most recognized landmarks: the Chrysler Building. I’ve never been to New York City, but I do recognize that particular building for its art deco crown. What’s the tallest skyscraper you’ve visited in person?

3. August 15: Relaxation Day

Unlike Lazy Day, which doesn’t necessarily require any effort at all, Relaxation Day encourages us to take steps to relax: to do the things that relax us the most, whether some light gardening, reading, or going to get a nice massage. What’s your favorite way to relax?

4. August 16: National Tell a Joke Day

We all need more laughter, I think it’s safe to say. Holiday Insights suggests celebrating this day can be as simple as telling a few jokes in person — perhaps around the water cooler as long as the boss doesn’t mind — or even sending a humorous email to someone. You could also enjoy some time with some classic comedies — which I think are much funnier than the things that qualify as “comedy” today. (But maybe that’s just me.)

5. August 26: National Dog Day


Former President George W. Bush supported National Dog Day (with the help of his own dog, Barney the Scottish Terrier). I was very lucky as a child because my first dog was a Collie my parents bought as a puppy when I was about a year old. I’m always surprised when I’m walking my current Collie and approach someone who tells me they had a dog like that when they were a kid. I highly recommend that every child should grow up with a Collie: the world might be a better place. What’s your favorite breed of dog?

6. August 27: Burger Day

I would hardly argue with a day intended to honor one of America’s favorite foods: the burger.
I hope you enjoyed this week’s list! This day seems to have been started by the website Mr. Hyde, which promotes the holiday and sells tickets to a burger event. What’s the most unusual topping you’ve tried on a hamburger?

I hope you get out and enjoy these non-traditional August holidays. Are there any others that sound good to you?

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