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Saturday 6: 6 Dog Videos You’ll Enjoy

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This week’s edition of the Saturday Six is going to the dogs thanks to some viral dog videos animal lovers should appreciate.

1. Leave No Witnesses

This little pup was caught red-handed — or is it red-pawed — ripping up paper. But watch what he does next:

2. Snoring? I Wasn’t Snoring!

A 4-month-old Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix was just exhausted and finally drifted off again after being caught on camera snoring the first time:

3. Talking to Herself

Huskies are known to be vocal, but Dakota will talk to herself if she doesn’t think she’s getting enough attention:

4. Couldn’t Resist That Leaf Pile

Here’s another Husky video but it’s one of my favorites. A newly-raked pile of leaves was just too tempting for Butch:

5. The Eyes of the Tiger

My mom’s favorite breed of dog is the German Shepherd, though she’s never actually owned one. Shepherds are very loyal, very brave and very protective. But when one encounters what appears to be a tiger, things go a bit awry:

6. Amusing Himself

My favorite breed of dog is the Rough Collie, also known as the “Lassie Dog” after the famous canine star of films and television. Mine will do this during a walk when he finds a long stick. This dog, a 5-year-old tricolor Collie, was delighted to find a stick and hopped and danced around without a care in the world:

Can’t we all try to find that much joy in something so simple this week?

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