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Saturday 6: 6 October Holidays Worth Celebrating

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This week’s edition of the Saturday 6 points out some lessor-known, quirky holidays one can celebrate during the month of October. I’m curious to know whether any of these might strike you as being worth notice, too.

With the help of Days of the Year, I came up with these six that struck my fancy.

I welcome your comments as always.

1. Oct. 2: World Smile Day

Harvey Ball was a commercial artist who, in 1963, came up with a ridiculously simple concept that became an instantly-recognizable icon. His “smiley face” design was originally used for

smiley_faceAs the story goes, the State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, which is now known as Hanover Insurance, purchased Guarantee Mutual Company of Ohio and realized the merger resulted in low employee morale. The company hired Ball to come up with an image to increase their morale. says Ball created Smile Day out of concern about the commercialization of the original icon. The day encourages people to participate in acts of kindness and friendliness, and to smile and make others smile.

2. Oct. 5: World Teachers Day

Teachers Day, as I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn, honors those educators and the role they play. I don’t generally ever talk about my “favorite”&nbsp teachers from my school days, because I honestly had so many good ones that it’s hard to pick a single favorite. I liked many of them a great deal, but each for different reasons.

(And I suspect at least one or two might actually read this blog! So there’s that, too.)

3. Oct. 13: Face Your Fears Day

What are you most scared of? Make a list of the top three or maybe the top five. Then consider which one might be the biggest hindrance to you. Face Your Fears Day is designed to give you the push you might need to conquer that fear.

4. Oct. 16: Dictionary Day

The book some people love to hate. It was created in honor of Noah Webster, who was born on October 16, 1758. His is still a household name, thanks to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. dictionaryWebster’s first dictionary was published in 1806 as A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language.

The purpose of a dictionary, I think it’s important to point out, is to define the proper spelling and pronunciation of words as well as to define words so that people can understand their meaning. A dictionary is not a usage manual; words that aren’t really words, like “irregardless,”&nbsp an unfortunate mashup of regardless and irrespective, are listed in the dictionary to help people understand what someone meant to say.

You can celebrate Dictionary Day by learning a few new words!

5. Oct. 19: Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

This is a day IT people might appreciate, because it encourages people to remove all the clutter on their computer desktop. At my office, I have two large computer screens connected to my computer. There were occasions when I had enough things on my desktop to reach across both.

I’ve gotten a lot better over time at reducing that clutter.

If you haven’t, this is a great day to start.

6. Oct. 24: Make a Difference Day

USA Weekend and Points of Light came together to create this day as a worldwide community service effort.

What can you do to make a difference for someone? Now’s the perfect time to figure that out so you can start making a difference.

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