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Saturday 6: A Selfie a Day…

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Here’s a set of random links I thought you might find interesting. I call it the Saturday 6.

We’ll dive right in with a question you might ask yourself when you browse your supermarket’s dairy aisle.

1. Whole Milk or Skim?

Every five years, the USDA updates its official dietary guidelines to keep up with the latest science on healthy nutrition, CBS News reports. But this time around, milk is becoming a subject of controversy. Growing scientific evidence contradicts the conventional wisdom that skim is better. An analysis published in the European Journal of Nutrition found people who drink whole milk tend to weigh less and have lower rates of obesity than those who opt for low-fat or skim. I tend to go for 2% milk. Skim, to me, looks like white water and just doesn’t taste right. What kind of milk do you prefer?

2. Man Takes Selfie Daily for Years

Hugo Cornellier documented every day of his life from age 12 to 20 via selfie, and compiled them into a single YouTube video. I wonder how someone comes to this decision. I also wonder how long it would take to actually create a video based on more than three thousand individual photos. Some people are clearly more patient than I am. Would you consider a daily selfie for such a project? How long do you think you could keep it going?

3. Pope Francis Thinks You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook

Running after the latest fad, accumulating ‘friends’ on one of the social networks, we get caught up in what contemporary society has to offer. Loneliness with fear of commitment in a limitless effort to feel recognized,” Francis told the Catholic bishops.

4. Reasons to Keep Your Pets Out of the Garden

Some plants can be very dangerous to pets. Check out this Infographic for plants you should keep your pats clear of.

5. RIP Comments?

For years, comment boxes have been a staple of the online experience, WIRED reports. While it’s too soon to say that comment sections are outright dying, it’s safe to say there’s a trend towards replacing them with something else. Here’s a brief history of major publications pulling the plug on comments.

6. How to Winterize Your Car

While it’s still warm, you can at least start thinking about these ideas, especially the part about assembling a winter kit.

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