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Saturday Six #470

saturday six

Remember your first set of wheels? And your first sets of wheels? I hope you do, because that’s what we’re talking about this week in the Saturday Six.

Each week, I ask six random questions. Sometimes, they’re related to a theme, sometimes they’re completely unrelated. The point of this weekly feature is that by playing along, someone who stumbles onto this post might find you through your blog. I started it back in 2004 — hard to believe how quickly time flies, isn’t it? — back when this blog was hosted on AOL, as a way for bloggers to connect with each other through an easy game. So that’s the history of the Saturday Six in a nutshell.

Now that you’re here, it’s time to play!

Here are this week’s “Saturday Six” questions. Either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your blog… But don’t forget to leave a link to your blog so that everyone else can visit! Permission is not granted to copy the questions to message boards for the purpose of having members answer and play along there. Enjoy!

1. How old were you when you learned to ride a bicycle?

2. How many bicycles have you owned in your life?

3. How old were you when you learned to drive a car?

4. What was the most difficult part of your driving test?

5. What’s the longest distance you’ve driven?

6. What’s the longest road trip you took as a passenger with someone else driving?

Thanks for playing this week’s Saturday Six and I hope you’ll be back next week! Drive safely!


  1. 1. I am not sure. More than one, less than five.
    2. Maybe three or four.
    3. 18.
    4. Getting the bank loan to pay the $1,500 for the license. I heard someone in America complain about the fees; I laughed and laughed.
    5. 450 miles or so.
    6. My family drove from Finland to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and back to Finland. I don’t know how many miles that would be, but I do recall having to stop for gas.

  2. 1. I don’t remember not being able to, so I must have been young.
    2. Too many to count. I’m a bike kinda girl.
    3. I don’t remember not driving a car. I used to drive farm trucks for my Dad when I was really little. However, some may argue that I still don’t know how to drive. My husband would probably say that for sure. 😉
    4. Passing it! I failed it the first time!
    5. Probably just a few hours. I hate car trips. I try to avoid them.
    6. From Oklahoma to LA. It was terrible! I loved the trip, but I hated the drive.

  3. Mine are here:

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