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Saturday Six #526

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This week, the Saturday Six is focusing on the letter S, which means that each of the six random questions are built around keywords beginning with that letter.

To play, just leave a comment with either your answers or the link to the post on your own blog if you choose to post the answers there! Each week, you can find other interesting blogs by checking the comments others leave.

Here are this week’s “Saturday Six” questions. Either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your blog… But don’t forget to leave a link to your blog so that everyone else can visit! Permission is not granted to copy the questions to message boards for the purpose of having members answer and play along there. Enjoy!

1. S is for SACCHARIFEROUS: You’re presented with a tray of sweeteners for your coffee: if you had to choose, are you more likely to select real sugar, Equal, Sweet-N-Low, Splenda or Truvia?

2. S is for SALSA: Which type of salsa do you prefer: watery with some vegetable and spice pieces, paste with everything ground in evenly, or little liquid with big vegetable/spice chunks?

3. S is for SAVINGS: Do you feel like you’re putting enough money in your savings month to month for the future?

4. S is for SLANG: What’s a slang word that particularly annoys you?

5. S is for SNARK: Do you find the majority of snarky comments you see online to be funny or rude?

6. S is for SOUND: What’s the worst sound you’ve ever woken up to?

Next week, six questions inspired by the letter T.

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