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Saturday Six #555

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And so it comes to this.

With this week’s edition, the 555th, we bring the Saturday Six to a close. As I’ve written before, it’s a bit scary. I’ve been doing this feature for so long — more than 10 full years — that it feels a little strange to let it go. But after composing (counting this week’s) 3,330 questions, it’s honestly becoming more and more difficult to find questions that I haven’t asked before. (In some cases, I’m sure I’ve asked the same question more than twice before!)

Also, I want to try something a bit different: there will still be a Saturday meme here at Patrick’s Place. I don’t know if I’d know how to blog if there wasn’t some interactive feature to look forward to every Saturday.

I hope those of you who have played the Saturday Six for these ten-and-a-half years will still come by and will enjoy The Big Question, which makes its debut next Saturday.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much, if not more than the Saturday Six, and that it will keep you thinking and keep fun conversations going. I also hope that for those of you who’ve used the Saturday Six as post material on your own blog, that you’ll find the same usefulness in The Big Question week after week.

Sometimes there will be whimsical questions, sometimes the questions will be serious, and often (hopefully) they will be more topical about what’s going on in the world at a given time.

But enough about what is to come. We have one more task awaiting us this morning, so, for the 555th time, here are this week’s questions!

1. What epitaph would you like to have engraved on your tombstone?

2. If you could be certain that there is an afterlife, what would you want heaven to be like?

3. If you could bring back a deceased relative you knew in your childhood back today to have a conversation with, whom would you choose and why?

4. Do you consider death to be more of an ending or more of a beginning?

5. Do you ever feel as if you ‘hear’ from people you know who have died, as if by hearing ‘their voice’ or sensing an insight that you don’t think you would have gained on your own?

6. Aside from your epitaph, how do you hope those who have been closest to you in your life will truly remember you?

As for my answer to question #4, I consider the “death” of this particular feature a new beginning, and I look forward to seeing all of you back here next week to answer The Big Question.

Until then, I wanted to acknowledge your loyalty for these many editions. I cannot thank you enough.

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