Saturday 6

Saturday Six – Episode 314

I’d love to see at least 10 people play this week’s set of questions, so I’ve worked up what could be the simplest set of questions, yet, for this 314th edition!

So if you’re reading this, no matter what day it is, why not play along?

This week, all of the questions are of the “either/or” variety: pick your preference of two different things and tell me why. It couldn’t get any simpler.

Well, it could, if I dropped the “why” part, but come on…that’s what makes it interesting!

  • First to play last week: Nobody of Nobody’s Nothings. Congratulations!
  • (According to the rules, “First to Play” requires you to be the first to include the link to the specific entry in which you answered the questions, not just the general link to your blog.)

Here are this week’s “Saturday Six” questions. Either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your journal…but either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit! Permission is not granted to copy the questions to message boards for the purpose of having members answer and play along there. Enjoy!

1. East coast or West coast…and why?

2. Painting or photo…and why?

3. Coke or Pepsi…and why?

4. PC or Mac…and why?

5. Shower or bath…and why?

6. Paper or plastic…and why?

If you have a Reader’s Choice question you’d like to see asked (and answered), send me an email! I’d love to be able to include it in a future edition of the Saturday Six.


  1. 1. East coast or West coast…and why?

    East coast- because i’ve never been on the West coast, and I was raised on the East cost. plus all my family lives there.

    2. Painting or photo…and why?

    photo. because my very nice camera would be sad if i abandoned it for painting. which i’m terrible at. for decor, i prefer artful photos of my children. it makes my home feel more cozy. 🙂

    3. Coke or Pepsi…and why?

    coke. it’s less acidic than pepsi, and my stomach needs as few irritants as possible these days…

    4. PC or Mac…and why?

    PC, because it’s the only one i know how to use. i’ve considered making the switch to Mac, but can’t afford it.

    5. Shower or bath…and why?

    shower. i don’t like soaking in a tub full of my own dirty water.

    6. Paper or plastic…and why?

    depends on how my supply of paper or plastic is doing. i use the plastic bags as bathroom trash can liners. i use the paper for craft projects with my children, wrapping for sending stuff in the mail, and as an extra bag when the situation calls for it. if i don’t need either, i’ll try to fit everything in my small supply of re-usable shopping bags.

  2. 1. East coast or West coast…and why?

    Ugh, neither! East coast seems crowded and stuffy, West coast seems Hollywood lost souls. Okay, if I had to pick one maybe I’d go for North West coast.

    2. Painting or photo…and why?

    Photo – God’s nature is great beauty and with a photo you can capture it almost as is immediately.

    3. Coke or Pepsi…and why?

    Pepsi – tastes better and they didn’t support Israeli attacks of Palestinian innocent citizens with their profits as much as Coke did.

    4. PC or Mac…and why?

    Mac – plain better computers, and much more beautiful and fun, too.

    5. Shower or bath…and why?

    Shower – you can actually get clean instead of just sitting in your filth.

    6. Paper or plastic…and why?

    Plastic – easier to carry.

  3. 1. East coast or West coast…and why?
    I guess I prefer the East coast. It’s kind of unfair of me, because I haven’t really properly visited either…but I find the states in the Eastern seafront to seem more interesting and up my alley than California etc. Except Oregon…

    2. Painting or photo…and why?
    I like photography more. I find it more interesting. While paintings are better at capturing the whirls of the imagination, photography melds the reality with one’s imagination. I think photography offers more for the audience.

    3. Coke or Pepsi…and why?
    Pepsi, primarily because Pepsi have Pepsi Max. Pepsi Max was the only zero-sugar Pepsi they sold in Scandinavia ten years ago, and I loved the stuff. It tastes better than Diet Pepsi, and I am glad to see that they’ve started selling it in the States, too.

    4. PC or Mac…and why?
    Wow, what a loaded question. I recently got a Mac Mini from my father-in-law second-hand. He bought a new Mac and gave me his old G4 Mini, so for the first time ever I am experiencing OS X. I still like my PC better than the Mac, because I can run Linux comfortably on it and it is a bit less restrictive than OS X. Also, a big issue for me is how Mac does mouse control…it’s just awful. I hear it used to be just fine on OS 9, and as of OS X it’s been all weird… There are things Mac does incredibly well, though.

    5. Shower or bath…and why?
    Shower. Sitting in a tepid pool of my own filth has never held much interest for me.

    6. Paper or plastic…and why?
    Paper. It’s more eco-friendly than plastic, I guess. I suppose it depends on the purpose; I prefer my mp3 player’s covers to be made of plastic than paper, but that’s just me.

  4. 1. East coast or
    West coast…and why?

    East Coast,
    because the actual coastline is more accessible, despite private
    ownership of the upland areas. The West Coast still has a ways to go
    in this regards.

    2. Painting or
    photo…and why?

    have always captured my imagination far more than most photos. Then
    again, I loves a good landscape and am particularly partial to the
    nude female form, painted or not.

    3. Coke or Pepsi…and
    why? Diet Coke.
    I used to be addicted to regular Coke. Because it is simply better
    without the heavy, lemony taste of Pepsi.

    4. PC or Mac…and
    with a Linux operating system … because I’d rather figure out how
    and when to do something than be dictated to by the inherent
    limitations of a closed architecture. And because Steve Jobs and
    Steve Wozniak are far bigger assholes than Bill Gates is … and I
    have NO LOVE for him.

    5. Shower or
    bath…and why?
    – you get cleaner (or just as clean) using far less water than
    a bath.

    6. Paper or
    plastic…and why?
    because the men and women of the North Woods need the employment that
    making paper and paper pulp gives them. Their families need the jobs.
    And one can recycle paper easier and environmentally cleaner than

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