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Saturday 6

Saturday Six – Episode 352

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Last Updated on August 17, 2011

We’re talking a little fitness this week.

But I’ll my best to make it as painless as possible. And the good news is that other than the potential for a brief flare-up of any existing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, this week’s set of questions isn’t likely to leave you feeling sore.

(According to the rules, “First to Play” requires you to be the first to include the link to the specific entry in which you answered the questions, not just the general link to your blog.)

Here are this week’s “Saturday Six” questions. Either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your journal…but either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit! Permission is not granted to copy the questions to message boards for the purpose of having members answer and play along there. Enjoy!

1. Would you like to gain weight or lose weight in 2011?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most fit, where do you rank yourself?

3. Can you go to a gym and do a workout without any assistance or need for motivation?

4. Do you think you’d accomplish more or less if you had a workout/diet partner?

5. Take the quiz: What’s Your Fitness Personality?

6. You’re working out in the gym and you spot a group of people who are lifting a lot more weight than you and being a little obnoxious about it: would that bother you or could you successfully ignore them without feeling any pressure?

If you have a Reader’s Choice question you’d like to see asked (and answered), send me an email! I’d love to be able to include it in a future edition of the Saturday Six.

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