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Saturday Six – Episode 385

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This week’s Saturday Six is being posted a bit later than normal, and for that I apologize. But I have a pretty good excuse that I’ll talk more about tomorrow!

In the meantime, Hurricane Irene might have been enough of a threat to encourage people to consider flying to safer ground. So I chose a visit to the airport as the topic of this week’s questions.

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Here are this week’s “Saturday Six” questions. Either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your blog… But don’t forget to leave a link to your blog so that everyone else can visit! Permission is not granted to copy the questions to message boards for the purpose of having members answer and play along there. Enjoy!

1. Where is the last place you visited that involved a flight?

2. If given a choice and all prices are the same, which airline would you most be likely to choose for your own travel?

3. With which airline have you had the most negative experiences?

4. You come to the security checkpoint and you find a new full-body scanner: would you voluntarily be scanned?

5. Security agents tell you that the scanner is&nbsp being calibrated and that it would take 30 minutes before you could pass through security unless you allow them to do a full putdown. If waiting 30 minutes won’t endanger the chance of you getting to your gate on time, would you wait or agree to the patdown?

6. Which airline fee bothers you the most and why?

If you have a Reader’s Choice question you’d like to see asked (and answered), send me an email! I’d love to include it in a future edition of the Saturday Six.

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  • Well, we are in the middle of it, big-time – wind, rain, flooding, tornado watches – the whole nine yards, baby! I have to laugh, though… last night as we were fueling and stocking up the four ambulances for the panicking town, everything someone said, I followed up with, “AND WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” That really seems to be the prevalent attitude everywhere. I began typing this last night before I ran out of steam at 23;40.

    This morning around 0450 there was an explosive noise and suddenly the Food-town was plunged into the darkness. I did. look out the window and the township got the tree out of the road but hasn’t done anything about the power outages yet.

    In the meantime, here are my answers:

  • 1. I don’t know if moving abroad qualifies, but it’s Finland I guess.

    2. Finnair, for its exemplary safety record.

    3. Northwest.

    4. Of course, why wouldn’t I? Been through one and survived.

    5. I don’t mind a pat-down, but I might mind a put-down.

    6. Luggage fees. I think they’re just a scam.

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