Saturday 6

Saturday Six: She’s How Old?!?

saturday six

Here’s another collection of quick takes of stories and blog posts from across the net that I think (and hope) you might just find interesting.

1. ‘The Donald’ in the Raw?

The Atlantic says NBC should release raw footage of its The Apprentice program featuring presidential candidate Donald Trump in action. “In the interest of giving the public as accurate an understanding as possible of a leading presidential candidate, NBC’s news division should upload all of the raw footage from The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice to the web,” Conor Friedersdorf writes. Even if the news division could get its hands on raw footage of an entertainment show, exactly who is going to sit through hours of raw footage to determine whether it yields even an iota of Trump’s “true” decision-making process? Would you?

2. ‘Plain Language’ Policy Makes Rules Easier to Understand

You wouldn’t think anyone would have to point out to someone that eliminating a lot of unnecessary “legalese,” the fancy 75¢-and-up words that virtually every legal agreement contains, in favor of more conversational, more reader-friendly language would make something easier to understand. But Spotify, which caught a lot of flak because of their confusing privacy policy, has released a simplified version. The new policy will hopefully provide “a healthy dose of clarity and context,” company executives say. “So there!” they did not add.

3. Teacher Fired After Judge Rules Against Blog Posts

Back in 2011, a teacher posting under a different name reportedly referred to her students as “utterly loathsome” and “frightfully dim.” Unfortunately for her, one of her students — apparently one of the brighter ones — not only found the blog but managed to ascertain the teacher was its writer. Parents learned of the remarks and demanded something be done. But the teacher defended her blog posts, claiming Freedom of Speech. A judge upheld a ruling against her, saying “The First Amendment does not require a school district to continue to employ a teacher who expresses the kind of hostility and disgust against her students that Munroe did on her blog and then publicly defends such comments to the media.” Do you think they made the right call?

4. Still Sultry After All These Years

This will make some of us who are “of a certain age” feel quite old. Guess how old Raquel Welch is today! Ouch.


6. The Camera Shutter Heard Round the World

The photojournalist who snapped a picture of an unfolding tragedy says she almost felt paralyzed when she saw the corpse of the three-year-old boy who drowned as his family was trying to swim to a Greek island from Turkey. Her image sparked a dialog about whether the image should have been used and one you may not have seen appears on this link — click with caution. Some editors declined to publish the image of the boy’s lifeless body on the beach, arguing that not publishing preserves dignity and eases grief, while others insisted the photo should be published because it is a true testament to the severity of the tragedy and the desperation to escape conditions in Turkey. Do you think the photo should have been published? Why or why not?

That’s another round of six. Thanks for dropping by!

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