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Saturday Six: Social Media Clichés Worth Ending?

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It’s time for another roundup of interesting stories and articles in the Saturday 6!

Let’s begin:

1. Apple Watch Users Getting Healthier?

apple-watchWearable technology may actually be able to inspire improvements in a user’s health. A study of Apple Watch users just four months in suggests many are making healthier choices at the prompting (or insisting) of the tech. I’ve been debating getting one for a while now, but this might be what puts me over the top. Now, at least, I have a valid medical reason to buy one! Do you have any wearables and do they motivate you to move more or eat healthier?

2. If You’re Focused on Time Management, You’re Doing It Wrong

Time management isn’t the problem you think it is when you’re at the end of your day and nowhere near the end of your to-do list. Here’s what you should focus on, experts say, instead.

3. Downsizing? Ditch These 12 Items

moving_boxesIf you’re pondering a downsize, there are likely things you haven’t considered disposing of that you really should, according to money experts. Which of these would be the most difficult for you and your family to lose?

4. Social Media Clichés, Please Die

Some of these, like “Keep Calm and [Insert Something Here],”&nbsp might be items you’d agree with instantly. But what about the others on this list? Are there some of the social media clichés listed that still make you chuckle?

5. 8-Year-Old Becomes World’s Youngest Double Hand Transplant Recipient

“Weird at first, but then good.” That’s how an 8-year-old who became the world’s youngest-ever double-hand transplant describes waking up for the first time with two hands. Isn’t it amazing what medical technology can do these days?

6. BBC Names 100 Greatest American Films

Citizen Cane was number one again on a new list of the best American films. But other names (and more specifically their ranks) might be more of a surprise. Check out BBC’s list here. What’s your all-time favorite (and its rank) on this list?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s list!

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