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Saturday Six: Some Wisdom from Washington

saturday six

This week’s edition of the new Saturday Six starts with some wisdom of the father of our country, George Washington himself.

1. 12 of George Washington’s Rules of Civility That Still Apply

Mental_Floss magazine listed a dozen of George Washington’s “Rules of Civility” they still feel apply some 275 years later or so. Washington supposedly wrote his Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation as part of a handwriting assignment, and it appears he merely copied the rules from an earlier source, a text written by French Jesuits in 1595 and published in England in about 1640. But the rules reportedly played a huge role in shaping America’s first president nonetheless. If more people would take the seventh rule to heart, we’d all have a lot less spam in our email inboxes. Which of the dozen do you most agree with?

2. 4-Year-Old Gets “Married”

This was too cute: a 4-year-old battling cancer announced to her mom that she planned to “get married” when she made another trip to the hospital for her cancer treatment. The mom called the hospital to give a heads-up to her favorite nurse, Matt. The hospital sprang to action to create a special moment for the following day that the little girl will hopefully remember for a full lifetime.

3. Drivers Aren’t Ready to Give Up Control

A new study shows people aren’t quite ready to hand over driving duties to a computer. As appealing as the idea of being able to sit behind the wheel and do anything except paying attention to the road, only 15.6% of those interviewed said they’d like a completely self-driving car. More than 43% are at the other end of the spectrum, saying they have no interest in a self-driving car. What about you? Would you trust a self-driving car?

4. Obama Can’t Revoke Cosby’s Medal

President Obama told reporters there’s no mechanism to “revoke” a Presidential Medal of Freedom like the one awarded to actor and comedian Bill Cosby. Obama minced no words when it came to the crime of sexual assault. Victims’ organizations and some lawmakers demanded the revocation of the medal and there’s a petition on the White House website, too. If there were a way to revoke the medal, do you think that should happen?

5. Sleeping Capsules Mounted on Cliff

If you’re the extreme adventure type, you might be interested in the Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru’s Sacred Valley. The suites are actually three transparent capsules that let visitors sleep 400 feet up a cliff face. Watch a video of what it takes to get to them and what it’s like inside here. Would you ever want to sleep like that?

6. 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Eating A Large Breakfast

I’ll be honest: any time I can find an excuse to eat, I’m happy to consider it. When that meal involves a “big breakfast,” I definitely will give my full attention to any such suggestion. An article over at Lifehack gives five unexpected benefits (though at this point, I don’t know how many of these are still “unexpected”) of indulging first thing in the morning. Who knew? How often do you skip breakfast? Would these reasons make you reconsider?

Thanks for joining me for another edition of six random links!

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