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So Good It’ll…What?


There’s a commercial for a new adult product from Trojan, the famous condom manufacturer, with one of the most ridiculous slogans I’ve heard in a long time.

The product is some sort of “personal vibrator.” The spot features two gossipy women at a mailbox talking about this new device, when one of them says she heard it’s “so good it’ll blow your hair back.”

They then see a couple walking by and both the man and woman have their hair plastered up and backward like they’re walking in a wind tunnel.

The women giggle and one says she guesses it’s true.

“So good it’ll blow your hair back?”

Who came up with that? Did the company lose a bet?

Granted, it’s something of a delicate topic in terms of what they can show and how much they can say about their product. But the slogan leaves me wondering what they wanted to say that they couldn’t, and how they felt that that was as close as they could get to it.

In any case, if you use this certain product, you might not want to leave the house until your hair falls back into place. Since the spot is getting national play, I doubt you’d be fooling anyone who sees you suddenly walking around that way.

Just sayin’.

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  1. This… is advertised on the telly?! Really? I mean, this is not a British advert?

    My goodness, how things have changed. I remember when cigarette adverts and then alcohol adverts came off the telly. Then there was the advert about what drugs do to your brain (with the frying egg). Then I noticed that while almost every product was sold with sex (cars, clothes, fragrances), the adverts for condoms were… more low key, like a large house with the lights going out one by one. When the ED pharmaceuticals hit the ground, I was intrigued to see how they’d sell pills to get one laid, and shocking! Nothing sexual. In fact, one of the more recent ones shows a couple bathing side by side – in separate bath tubs. Clearly I am missing something – or the mind of the marketing individual is that far out.

    Now we have a vibrator for the women and this advert… is actually about sex! That seems so… so… revolutionary! On the other hand, it seems a little ridiculous, but no ONE will say they saw this commercial and what was it for…?? No, this is one campaign that might actually work!

    (My favourite adverts, however, will always be the man Mayhem in the All State Commercials!)

    I love your remark: Did the company lose a bet?

    That is the real winner here!

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