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Sunday Seven #402


If you could press a button and rid the world of seven reality shows, which ones would you cancel? That’s this week’s Sunday Seven topic.

As a general rule, I avoid reality shows. Unless they have a very unique angle, I find them highly annoying.

Other than a handful of shows over the years, I avoid them, settling either for a classic sitcom from TVLand or a DVD when there’s nothing else worth watching.

So I figured this week’s Sunday Seven could focus on reality shows that just don’t do it for me. How many of mine would be on your list?

7 Reality Shows I Can’t Bring Myself to Watch

1. Big Brother

I don’t get the point of this show. I know it’s wildly popular with an extraordinarily dedicated fan base. But this show just doesn’t do anything for me. If they could find a way to lock people into a real haunted house, however, I’d probably watch.

2. The Apprentice

I watched a couple of seasons of this show. But after you’ve seen one season, you’ve seen them all. And if the season you watched happened to be the one that introduced us to Omarosa, you’ve seen more than enough.

3. The Real Housewives of (Anywhere)

I’ve only seen snippets of this show, but the snippets alone were enough to tell me this is not a show I’d ever want to watch.

4. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

Here’s where my old-fashioned mentality reveals itself, but speaking of “revealing,” how, exactly, do people go on a blind date one minute and end up half-naked the next with the sincere hope of trying to build a genuine relationship? I guess they aren’t so much interested in a relationship as they are whatever the prize money is for winning the competition. But then, that only makes it worse.

5. Fear Factor

Apparently, this show, which came and went once, has now been slated to come again this fall. Watching people eat live bugs is not my idea of entertainment. I’m sure it doesn’t do much for the bugs, either.

6. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

If I seriously have to explain why someone would place this show on a list of reality shows they wish would go away, there’s something seriously wrong.

7. Survivor

I’ll admit it: I watched this show enthusiastically for its first “season.” I was intrigued with this new program and how they were going to pull off this wild idea. When the second “season” came along, I watched it, too, though less enthusiastically. How many new twists can they work into the same basic format? You can keep count if you like; my meter clicked on this one some time early in “season” three.

Are there any reality shows on my list that you really like? Are there other reality shows I didn’t list that you’d like to rid the world of? Let me know in a comment!

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  • I am aware of all those shows, but I don’t watch them. The only one I’ve actually seen a couple of times is Fear Factor, and it wasn’t a thrilling experience. I don’t watch any “reality” shows. I find them as boring as I do cooking shows.

  • I, too, watched the first season of Survivor but quickly became bored with the premise.  I don’t understand why it is still on!
    I occasionally tune into The Amazing Race – but only to see the places they visit.  I can’t stomach most other reality shows, though.  I don’t have any interest in watching the ones you mention nor am I very interested in those talent shows, either.  They’ve become predictable and old after a season or two.

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