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Sunday Seven #362

Every fall, Starbucks customers look forward to having their beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. Unfortunately, this year, locations across the country are running low on the syrup required to make the drink.

Pumpkin Spice would be a flavor that would make this week’s list. But unfortunately, the list is about my least favorite coffee flavors.

My favorite of the seasonal drinks is Egg Nog Latte, but I have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get that. Really, baristas: if stores like Walmart can get away with displaying Christmas decorations before Halloween, surely you can get a jump on the Egg Nog Lattes!

In any case, here’s this week’s list: be sure to tell me what your least favorite flavored coffee varieties are!

My 7 Least Favorite Flavored Coffees

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

I’ve only recently been able to develop a taste for pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, so maybe this one will come into my good graces in another few years. But for now, there’s something about the texture of the drink — too chalky — that just doesn’t do it for me.

2. Amaretto

I don’t dislike the flavor of Amaretto itself. I have just never been a fan of it in coffee.

3. Blueberry/Blackberry Cobler

Berries in coffee? Something about that just tastes wrong to me: maybe it’s that the berries make the coffee extra tart — at least when I’ve sampled it — and thus requires additional sweetener.

4. French Roast

I realize French Roast isn’t necessarily supposed to be a flavor, but it usually is, and in my book, the flavor of French Roast is otherwise called, “Burnt.”

5. Chocolate Fudge

I love chocolate. I love fudge. I just don’t like the way chocolate mixes with coffee. Even white chocolate, which is supposed to be milder, doesn’t work for me in a cup of java. Serve up fudge with coffee on the side and we’re in business.

6. Apple

Nothing to do with apples mix well in my coffee. I like apples and apple pie. But apple is too mellow a flavor to go in coffee: either the apple flavor is too weak or it is so exaggerated to overcome the coffee that it tastes like cider, in which case I’d have rather just had hot apple cider.

7. Maple Bacon

Seriously, this bacon thing is getting ridiculous. I love me some bacon, but I’m a purist: give me bacon in a strip and by itself. Bacon is one of those foods that is so perfect that it needs no tampering. I don’t even like maple-flavored bacon, so I’d never want that flavor added to my morning cup of joe!

Which coffee flavors make your dislike list?

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  1. I don’t really know about different flavours. I just drink regular coffee, hot, no milk, no sugar. I think flavouring it with something that makes it taste like something else is defeating the whole purpose.

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