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Sunday 7

Sunday Seven #375


If you’re the kind to make New Year’s Resolutions, then you probably already have answers ready to go for this week’s set of questions. If you’re not the kind to do New Year’s Resolutions, then this may take a bit of time.

I gave up on making New Year’s Resolutions years ago, but I’m going to treat this week’s question as though I still made them, and I’m posting the seven resolutions I’d make if I were going to make them.

And to help you and me come up with some suggestions, I found this list of the top 40 resolutions for 2013. Which ones would be on your list?

7 New Year’s Resolutions I’d Make for 2013

1. Lose Weight
This week, I go to the doctor for my annual checkup. I already know the diet is going to be a major topic of conversation. Maybe this will be the year he’ll surprise me with some secret new “magic pill”&nbsp to make me svelte by summertime.

2. Get in Better Shape
Slimming down isn’t the only change I’d like to make health-wise. I want to get in better physical shape once the fat begins disappearing.

3. Pay Off More Bills
I’ve been trying to make a big dent in debt, and this year I hope to make even more progress in that regard. I’d love to be completely debt-free by 2015 (unless I have a mortgage by then). We’ll see.

4. Take More Photos
I’ve gotten slack on taking photos this year. I need to really get more into that and continue building my portfolio.

5. Save More Money
I’d like a fatter savings account by January 1st, 2014. My car is getting up there in years, so sooner or later, I’ll have to make some new (or preferably, pre-owned) arrangements. Then there’s that 401K thing I’d like to keep building, too.

6. Build a Bigger Audience
I shouldn’t ignore the blog in making my goals for 2013!

7. Spend More Time with Friends
This is a big challenge for introverts like me, but I’m going to try to get out more.

So here’s your chance. To play along, list your answers in a comment with this post, or post them on your own blog and comment here with the link to your post. That way more people get to see your blog!
Which resolutions would you make for 2013?

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  • You’re already aware of my “resolution” this year – though I’m not calling it that. 😉  
    I don’t usually make them, either, but I’m continuing to work on losing weight and getting in better shape, myself.

  • 1. Lose weight
    2. Walk 5 days a week
    3. Finish the kitchen and bathrooms (long story.. going on nearly 4 years)
    4. Write in journal everyday
    5. Do something creative every day
    6. Stick to daily housekeeping routines
    7. Read every day

  • I have decided that 2013 is the year of getting things done. I have made lists of things that I’ve either started and not completed, wanted to do, put off for whatever reason, and I will make sure to be able to cross things off that list each day. Yesterday, for instance, I did five of them! I know now I have all the fervor of a new recruit, but I have a feeling that this is something I can truly accomplish.
    The feeling of crossing something off the list, as well as having the weight of an annoyance lifted from my shoulders, should be enough to keep me at my task.

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