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“Why do you blog?”

It’s a question I see asked all the time of people once others learn they have a site like this. Can you make money? Can you get a better job? Does it relieve stress?

The answers to those questions probably depend on the blogger, but they’re all valid. I found a list from Jeff Bullas of 11 Reasons People Blog. (The grammarian in me requires me to eliminate the word why from that title because the reason is “why” and it’s therefore redundant.)

In any case, how many of those reasons ring true for your blogging? If you had to count the ways you love your blogging hobby, what would you come up with?

7 Reasons I Blog

1. Put Out New Ideas
The blog started with the idea that I’d take topics of the day and look for the common sense side of things. Common sense certainly isn’t “new,” but these days, it sure feels rare.

2. Passing Time
As hobbies go, there are much worse things I could do with my time.

3. Improving My Writing
To be better at writing, you must write more. Reading also helps, of course, but a blog gives you a great opportunity — and a great reason — to keep the words coming. And your audience serves as the critical voice to what you write to help you improve.

4. Writing About My Passions
I enjoy being able to have an outlet to write about things that excite me, anger me or make me question the world around me.

5. Sharing With Others
Good times and bad, it’s nice to have an easy way to share what’s happening in one’s life with an audience.

6. Socializing
Blogging is good for introverts, because it allows those who aren’t as likely to get out and about with a crowd of strangers to still have the opportunity to interact with strangers.

7. I Just Like It
Yes, blogging can be a royal pain in the butt on the wrong day. But on the right day, it can be a joy to manage such a project and be able to hit that all-important “Publish” button. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in doing so that I’d never have imagined I’d experience until I actually started blogging.

So here’s your chance. To play along, list your answers in a comment with this post, or post them on your own blog and comment here with the link to your post. That way more people get to see your blog!
Why do you blog?

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