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Sunday Seven #389


Are you on the Twitter? If so, you’ve probably noticed hashtags. They’re those words or phrases lumped together without spaces that always follow a pound sign (#).

That symbol turns them into a search tool of sorts, allowing users to find what other Twitter users have tweeted while using the same hashtag.

It’s particularly useful in Twitter-based chats like #Blogchat, a weekly live online discussion about blogging that happens each Sunday night at 9:00pm Eastern.

Over at Social Caffeine, Krissy Brady recently published a list of 102 hashtags writers are using to build their brands on Twitter. That got me to thinking about the hashtags I use most often in my Twitter activity.

Here’s what I came up with:

My 7 Most-Used Twitter Hashtags

1. #Blogchat
#Blogchat was the very first Twitter chat I ever participated in, and it’s one I almost never miss.

2. #Bloggab
Forgive a bit of self-promotion here, but since I started this particular chat (Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern), it only makes sense that this one makes my list.

3. #JustSayin
I use this one when I’m displaying a bit of biting wit.

4. #Blogging
A bit more generic, of course, but I’m trying to get more eyes on a tweet when I use that.

5. #Tworship
I use this one, which amounts to “tweets about worship” when I’m posting something of a religious nature.

6. #BeALeader
The #BeALeader chat meets Thursday nights at 9:00pm Eastern and focuses on growing as a leader in life and in your career.

7. #grammar
Since I’m a grammar enthusiast, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I tweet about grammar and point out common errors in usage.

How about you? Are you on Twitter? (If so, be sure to include your Twitter handle in your comment so others can find you more easily!)

Which seven hashtags are your tweets most likely to contain?

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