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Sunday Seven #398


Apple will roll out iOS7 this fall, but the Sunday Seven isn’t waiting to talk about the most appealing new features!

Much has been said about the recently-announced iOS7 coming to Apple mobile products this fall. I found this list of the 12 most exciting features of the new operating system and thought it’d make a good Sunday Seven topic.

You can always play along each Sunday: this week, tell me what 7 features of iOS7 would be most appealing to you by listing them in a comment below, or by listing them as a post on your own blog then commenting here with the link to that post.

Here’s my list:

7 Most Exciting Features of iOS7

1. Better security.

These days, if you aren’t thinking security for your mobile devices, you’re doing it wrong. The much-discussed “kill switch” that requires an additional measure of protection: if someone steals your device, they’ll have to enter your Apple ID password to be able to erase the contents or disable the “Find My iPhone” GPS tracking app. It’s a great idea; what isn’t great is that it took seven iterations of iOS to happen.

2. Better multitasking (and app switching).

The inclusion of better background options is a big deal for people like me who always have more than one or two apps running at any given point.

3. Control center.

Anything that makes it easier to get to critical functions without having to launch the Settings app is a good thing.

4. Improved notification center.

Maybe it’s because nearly everyone else seems to already be doing it, but I like the idea of seeing all of the day’s tasks and events at a glance as part of a better notification center.

5. Completely new design.

I didn’t hate the old design, but if you’re going to give me something new, at least make it look new. I like the new, cleaner icons and typeface. It may take a little getting used to, but I think it still looks cool.

6. Automatic app updates.

If there’s an update available for an app, the phone ought to update it automatically unless I’ve specifically told the phone not to update certain apps without my permission. For some reason, with apps, when they just begin crashing for no reason, that’s usually the first sign that there’s an update waiting at the Update Center. If non-updated apps can’t run without crashing, then automatic updates are definitely the right choice!

7. Real time filters in Camera.

I’m still on the iPhone 4 — not even the 4S — so my camera is really lacking. What I like about the new camera is that it can shoot in a square format that’s already Instagram-friendly. But the filter options it adds to the mix, even for those who aren’t Instagrammers, is a nice touch.

Those are my top picks for the most appealing aspects of iOS7. What are yours? Leave me a comment or play along on your own blog and leave a link to it in a comment!

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  • 1. Security & iCloud Keychain.
    I like the new iCloud Keychain feature. It automatically syncs bookmarks, passwords, and other data between iOS and OSX devices. It is very smooth and fast. It may not be as powerful as 1Password, but anyone who has used 1Password to log into websites on the iPhone knows how clumsy that process is. The new anti-theft features are all the more important, I think, due to these improvements in synchronization functionality.
    2. I can finally put that Bookshelf app inside a folder. Still can’t delete Stocks, but one thing at a time.
    3. Folders are much more roomy. I can put a lot of icons in a folder now. No more need for Tools 1, Tools 2, and Tools 3.
    4. Spotlight Revisited. I rarely use the Spotlight search feature on the iPhone, but I did frequently, and quite annoyingly, end up accidentally in it when I scrolled through the Home screen pages too rapidly. Now you can access Spotlight from any Home screen page by swiping down in the middle of the page. Also, it’s not a whole black page in itself, but just a little search bar appearing in the top of the page. I might actually use it now!
    5. Battery performance. This one blows me away. I charged the phone to full last night before going to bed and left it unplugged all night. It’s been in use for 45 minutes, and it’s been in standby for 8 hours. The battery is at 97%. On 6.1.4, it would be down to the 75-85 % range. This is a beta version, so YMMV, but this looks extremely good to me.
    6. Automatic updates…’nuff said.
    7. Control Center. Turning Bluetooth on and off has never been easier.

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