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Sunday Seven – Episode 22

Last week’s Sunday Seven had you dreaming of screaming down the fast lane or cruising down the avenue in your ideal ride. This week’s is more in the “Simple Pleasures” category.

Here’s where I normally send a quick shout-out to the first person to play the previous edition, and here’s where things get dicey! There’s that pesky rule that to be first to play, you must either answer the questions here or provide the full link to the specific entry in which the answers appear on your own blog. And I think it’s the first time we’ve ever had what happened last week occur on a Sunday Seven meme.

Our beloved Barb was the first to leave a comment, but hers pointed to her excellent blog, “A Ticket to Ride,” though not to the specific entry. So the “first to play” honor would then move to the second commenter. Last week, that was Nate, a relatively new player of the Seven, who writes the blog “Nate Against the World.” But I get an error following his link that says there’s no such entry.

So that takes me to the third commenter, Carly, of “Ellipsis…Suddenly Carly,” was becomes “first to play.” It’s the second week in a row, so congratulations again, Carly!

On to the challenge!

List up to seven sounds that make you happy or relax you.

Either answer the question in a comment or answer it in your journal and include the link in a comment. (To be considered “first to play,” a link must be to the specific entry in which you answered the question.)

My answers:
1. A Thunderstorm
2. Coffee brewing on a chilly morning
3. The crackle of a fire in the fireplace
4. A Child’s laughter
5. Popcorn popping
6. The Tea Kettle whistling when I’m ready for a nice cup of peppermint tea
7. The sigh of contentment that my dogs let out when they’re snuggled in bed.



  1. 1. Oil bubbling
    2. Snow crinkling’
    3. Maple sap trickling
    4. Pitter-Patter of doggie feet
    5. My dog’s snoring
    6. My boyfriend’s breathing when we’re kissing
    7. Tea kettle boiling…

    Vegan Blog

  2. List up to seven sounds that make you happy or relax you.
    1. the sound of my sons voice on the phone.
    3.a bubbling creek
    4.birds in the early morning
    5.a soft breeze thru the leaves
    6.hearing the words “you are not alone”
    7. hearing my brother snore (which means he’s asleep and ok)

  3. 1. Rain on the roof
    2. My bedroom ceiling fan
    3. The laughter of my son
    4. A cozy crackling fire roaring in my fireplace
    5. Crickets softly chirping on a warm summer evening
    6. My puppy-dog’s gentle snoring when she’s curled up asleep
    7. Balmy waves crashing upon a wide beach

  4. ROFLMAO! Tee Hee>>>Carly ducking<<< Sorry Barb and Nate! Go figure being 3rd making me 1st. Beats Miss Congeniality I suppose, :) 1. Hot Chocolate with a splash of raspberry syrup. 2. My cat Elvis. 3. Thunderstorms. 4. Fresh Fruit Salad 5. Potato & Garlic Pizza 6. David Duchovny 7. The Monkees. The music and the series. 🙂 Always, Carly 🙂

  5. by the way I totally give up on trying to be the first one. I checked at 11PM or so and it wasn’t up yet. And here it is after midnight and I missed it. Oh well. ::sighs::

  6. 1.Thunderstorm
    2. Rain
    3. Cat purring
    4. Birds chirping
    5. Fire place
    6. wind chimes
    7. Nothing at all

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