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Sunday Seven #316

This week, we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. Those of us who work in television will also be happy for Thursday because it will be the first day after November sweeps!

For many families, Thanksgiving means a huge spread of food. In some cases, there are dishes that are only pulled out on Thanksgiving. This week’s question focuses on that kind of food, although I’m opening up the topic to any holiday: are there foods you generally only eat during holiday meals? If so, this week’s question should be easy to stomach.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

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Name seven dishes you generally only eat on or around holidays.

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  1. For Thanksgiving, it’s Green Bean casserole, Stuffing, and Sweet potatoes made 3 different ways because everyone likes them a different way. One with marshallows on top, one with crumbled nuts on top, and one with nothing on top.

    At Christmas, it’s White chocolate covered pretzels, BBQ Venison.

  2. I thought I was up earlier enough to get in first, but I see my friend Strange is another early riser as well! Good morning, all. Here are my answers:

    I’ve heard of Sweeps Week but I really don’t know much about it, other than any of my regular viewing gets tossed out the window for other things. Some day I would love to read what goes into Sweeps Wee, from soup to nuts, just to know. Also, I want to be in the Nielson ratings, so that I could single-handedly bring the downfall of sitcoms about.

    Or is that too ambitious?

    OK, back to our regular programming!

    1. I, too, am curious about Sweeps week! Likewise, I wish I could be a part of the Nielson ratings, too. I doubt that one person could change very much but I’d certainly like to have my voice heard now and then!

      1. @Cathryn (aka Strange) I’ll work on a post that better explains sweeps. They actually go for a month at a time, although the “Nielsen families” chosen to participate only do so for one week, not the whole month.

        1. @patricksplace@Cathryn (aka Strange)

          And that is one week in February and one in May, I think (or maybe April) and is there one in the fall? I thought I knew that – during those weeks, ALL the shows put out new episodes, none of this reruns in October, November and December to weasel out of making new episodes!

          As I used to understand it, the box for Nielsen families was big, awkward and difficult to use. We would have to find a way to make it work with the TiVO, although I would think that they would manage to make the thing work with all the DVR devices out there.

          There is just an appallingly huge number of terrible telly shows, all geared to the “lowest common denominator”, It drives me crazy – and I want to be the only one in our house to use the Nielsen device so my husband can’t put in all the horrifyingly awful shows he watches. (Yes, I’m terrible.) So I really want in on this action!

        2. Sweeps months are February, May, July and November. May is the most important of the four and July is increasingly becoming the least important.

          The lowest common denominator issue is a problem, but unfortunately, Nielsen ratings are still the primary way a television station can bring in revenue, so at least on some level, there has to be a measure of “the masses” to show where an advertiser’s money is best spent.

          I tend to disagree with those masses on many shows they seem to enjoy.

        3. @patricksplace

          How curious! I never would have guessed July – that is so off-season, and it is only in the last couple of years that off-season shows like White Collar and Suits (usually on off the beaten path stations) have become prevalent. I’m grateful for those, as some television viewing happens in the summer. I don’t watch nearly as much of the telly in the summer as in the winter, but what about the many disabled people who need to have something to watch?

          November is a little surprising, too. You might have noticed that many favourite shows are off this week because it is Thanksgiving. I find that curious now, too – it is not as though the whole week is the holiday, but for reasons passing understanding, it seems very few of the normal weekly viewing is on. And this month, most shows skipped two weeks, so only aired two new episodes for this, one of the sweeps months. That seems disappointing to all.

          Well, I love the wealth of information you have on this. I have always been interested in this and you are providing a lot of insight. Any day that I have learned something has not been wasted! Thanks!

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